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butcher_kgp Quake Champions Beta Impressions Generally Negative
butcher_kgp Would you like to see an ESR user interview at id Software? Yes
butcher_kgp Should ESReality admins censor posts by QC beta users? No
butcher_kgp When were you introduced to quake? 2000-2005
butcher_kgp Add a railgun on Arcane Citadel? No
butcher_kgp Which Quake has your favourite movement Quake 3 CPM
butcher_kgp Duel timelimit poll Time limit 12.5 min
butcher_kgp Best 2011 movie? It's Pekka 2
butcher_kgp DreamHack Winter 2011 TDM winner Kittylovers
butcher_kgp DreamHack Winter 2011 Gametype(s)? Capture The Flag
butcher_kgp What mouse do you use? Logitech MX518
butcher_kgp Dreamhack MVP noctis
butcher_kgp TDM Maps for DreamHack Summer 2011 Campgrounds (dm6)
Hidden Fortress (dm20)
Intervention (osp6)
Realm of Steel Rats (cpm4)
butcher_kgp Kaspersky Award Cypher
butcher_kgp Would you pay a subscription for QL? Yes
butcher_kgp Best spectator 1v1 map [1] ZTN
[2] T9
[3] DM6
[4] T7
[5] DM13
butcher_kgp Least competitive duel QL map? [1] qzdm6 - Campgrounds Redux
butcher_kgp Who will be the IEM Asian Champion? Jibo (CN)
butcher_kgp Current Web Browser Firefox
butcher_kgp Spawns & Timelimit 15 minutes
butcher_kgp Should we let Streetrunner post news? Why not?
butcher_kgp Most suitable QL duel map [1] T4
[2] ZTN
[3] DM13
[4] T7
[5] DM6
butcher_kgp When did you start visiting ESReality? 2004
butcher_kgp Who will win QuakeCon '09? SK|rapha
butcher_kgp QL Duel Mappool Replace qztourney6
butcher_kgp gillz #1 Dutch Bag Of Gaming
butcher_kgp Which notable events do you remember? Thresh outvoted as Greatest Gamer
ESReality Mousescore 2007
CPL Disbanding
butcher_kgp Who will win ESWC MoA Cypher
butcher_kgp Who do you WANT to win ESWC masters? ZeRo4
butcher_kgp GameGune Q3 Allstars Poll LaMz|k1llmas
butcher_kgp Is Forever right? No
butcher_kgp Quake Live Mass newcomers to old vQ3! Im a believer
butcher_kgp Best Q3 Video of all time? Just Quake
butcher_kgp vq3 vs CPM, OSP vs CPMA OSP VQ3
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