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Re: l1nkje & Spart1e interviewed
Posted @ 23:23 GMT 10 Feb 2010
Strenx is in Pt2. It will be published after the Global Finals as his adventure
IEM Interviews with Spart1e and l1nkje
Posted @ 19:20 GMT 9 Feb 2010
ESL's Extreme Masters Quake Live World Tour is Quake Lives largest and most pres
FnaticMSI.Strenx Player Spotlight Iview
Posted @ 18:09 GMT 2 Nov 2009
The latest addition to the FnaticMSI Quake Live team, [b]Kevin "strenx" Beaza[/b
Re: Stermy Launches Lessons
Posted @ 23:38 GMT 29 Jun 2009
Thanks Nukm, Im not really familiar with all of the coding stuff for posting on
Stermy Launches Lessons
Posted @ 22:55 GMT 29 Jun 2009
[flag=IT] Alessandro "[b]Stermy[/b]" Avallone has launched his latest venture ov
Sun Tzu: Quake Edition
Posted @ 12:55 GMT 29 Jun 2009
In the third and final edition of the ‘Art of War’ series, we will be focusing o
Re: Interviews with, Stermy, djWHEAT, cA
Posted @ 00:57 GMT 23 Jun 2009
reis - SK Wc3 Manager F91- Best SC player in China cArn- fnatic CS captain
Interviews with, Stermy, djWHEAT, cArn..
Posted @ 15:03 GMT 22 Jun 2009
[flag=ca] Cameron "[b]fams[/b]" Carson’s latest feature to follow up the very po
Management 101
Posted @ 04:40 GMT 16 Jun 2009
Excerpt-- "“We don't force them to practice; they have their own practice met
E-Sports Full of Holes
Posted @ 15:40 GMT 3 Jun 2009
My latest article. Here is an excerpt "Without a union to delegate problems
Re: LGN Interviews Gillz
Posted @ 10:00 GMT 27 May 2009
Wow..the link didn't go in, oh well... there was a full version of that though,
Posted @ 09:26 GMT 27 May 2009
Emotions play an integral part in E-Sports, from how people make decisions in ga
LGN Interviews Gillz
Posted @ 08:21 GMT 22 Apr 2009
With the recent open beta of Quake Live, teams are investing some time looking i
Indepth Interview with Grubby
Posted @ 05:09 GMT 19 Apr 2009
Before the announcement of the ex-MYM Wc3 squad being signed by EG; LGN E-Sports
Re: Is Forever right?
Posted @ 18:13 GMT 18 Jun 2008
Oh wow I am embarassed. I thought if-22 was Ivo...just changing his name for so
eSports guide for beginners.
Posted @ 14:22 GMT 18 Jun 2008
Just a guide a friend sent to me, I figured it would be nice to share it since i
Re: Is Forever right?
Posted @ 08:13 GMT 13 Jun 2008
Ivo is right. Its incredibly stupid that Vo0 is going. I like Vo0 I really do,
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