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Coverage: QL NC'10
QLNC'10: Losers Brackets Final (17 comments)
Posted by xou @ 14:45 CDT, 24 May 2010 - iMsg
Scheduled: 15:00 CDT, 2 June 2010 to 16:00 CDT, 2 June 2010
Schedule: Passed

Only two matches are left before the end of the quakelive TDM nc 2010! One of these two is the LB Final opposing Poland Poland to Netherlands Netherlands which is planned for next Thursday. The winner of this match will access to the last round: the Grand Final against France France!
LB Final
15:00 CDT, 2 June 2010: Poland Poland vs Netherlands Netherlands (bet) - Stream: lvl^

Links: Brackets, QQC QL NC 2010, mIRC #quakequickcup
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QLNC'10: Playoffs round 4 (13 comments)
Posted by xou @ 15:39 CDT, 13 May 2010 - iMsg
Scheduled: 15:30 CDT, 13 May 2010 to 16:30 CDT, 13 May 2010
Schedule: Passed

The quakelive TDM nc 2010 is getting closer to its ending and only 4 teams are left in the playoffs now. While France France secured its way to the Grand Final, its last opponent Poland Poland will be facing the winner of the LB round 3 match. That game will be played between Hungary Hungary and Netherlands Netherlands for a top3 placement and a chance in the LB Final!
LB round 3
Hungary Hungary 0-2 Netherlands Netherlands (Report)

Links: Brackets, QQC QL NC 2010, mIRC #quakequickcup
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QLNC'10: Playoffs round 3 (62 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 06:42 CDT, 28 April 2010 - iMsg
Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 28 April 2010 to 16:00 CDT, 28 April 2010
Schedule: Passed

The matches for the 3rd round in the playoff of the quakelive nc 2010 are all now scheduled. This week will be played the WB final, where France France will met against Poland Poland. In LB, Austria Austria will face Netherlands Netherlands and the other game is Hungary Hungary against United Kingdom United Kingdom.
WB Final
France France 2-0 Poland Poland (Report)

LB round 2
Hungary Hungary 2-1 United Kingdom United Kingdom (Report)
Austria Austria 0-2 Netherlands Netherlands (Report

Links: Brackets, QQC QL NC 2010
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QLNC'10: Playoffs round 2 (88 comments)
Posted by xou @ 14:15 CDT, 11 April 2010 - iMsg
The matches for the 2nd round in the playoff of the quakelive nc 2010 are all now scheduled. Most of them will get streamed on either lvlup, or Here is the schedule:
WB Semis
LIVE: France France vs Hungary Hungary (New bet)
Austria Austria 1-2 Poland Poland (Report)

LB Round 1
Netherlands Netherlands 2-0 Iceland Iceland (Report, VOD)
United Kingdom United Kingdom 2-0 Finland Finland

Links: Brackets, QQC, mIRC #quakequickup
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QLNC'10: Last group matches (15 comments)
Posted by eJo @ 12:41 CDT, 14 March 2010 - iMsg
After one week break because of the IEM4 World Finals, we are bringing new information about the QQC QLTDM NC2010. Five rounds of the group stage are almost finished. The last match, which will be played on this Sunday 14th of March will decide the second advancing team in Group A. Team Sweden Sweden will face team Netherlands Netherlands tonight at 14:00 CST. Match will be streamed on lvlup and right after the game we will announce the playoff. So don't miss the broadcast.

Two matches have been played last week which decided more advancing teams. On Tuesday United Kingdom UK won their match against Russia Russia 2-1. This victory secured UK their spot in playoff from 1st place. Because of the loss Russia Russia ended on 3rd place with 7 points, but unfortunately only the top2 teams go to playoff.

Another important match between Italy Italy and Hungary Hungary was played on Wednesday. The advancing team wasn't decided by points gained from the match, but the match itself decided who advance. Italy Italy won their map which was qzdm6 which was first step towards the playoff. Second map was qzdm20 and Hungary Hungary managed to get a victory there so the match moved to a deciding map. Hungary Hungary managed to win again and with the victory they secured a slot in playoff.

Playoff officially starts on Sunday at midnight and I remind you that live broadcast will be on stream lvlup right after Sweden SWE vs Netherlands NED. There is only one way for Sweden Sweden to advance to play-off and that's 2-0 win against Netherlands Netherlands. If they will win 2-1, Finland Finland will take 2nd place because of the game between these two teams.

Link: Group Stage
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QLNC'10: EXTRA WEEK *updated Streams* (4 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 12:00 CST, 28 February 2010 - iMsg
Since the finals of IEM World Championship Finals are going to be played this week and many players representing their nation are already in Germany Germany or soon will be, we decided to prolong first stage of the tournament (group stage) for a week, so the players could play their remaining matches. Wildcard was already taken by Netherlands Netherlands which decided to play their match on another day. Also United Kingdom United Kingdom changed their schedule for another day because of missing two key players United Kingdom deus and United Kingdom ddk.

28.02.2010 @ 21:00 CET - Iceland Iceland -vs- Denmark Denmark - Stream: pingaql
28.02.2010 @ 22:00 CET - Serbia Serbia -vs- Germany Germany - Streams: pingaql & Level up
28.02.2010 @ 22:00 CET - Italy Italy -vs- Poland Poland - stream:

This week we will also announce a little news which should definitely please you.

Links: QLNC'10, Twitter, mIRC #quakequickcup
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QLNC'10: The last group games (8 comments)
Posted by xou @ 12:15 CST, 24 February 2010 - iMsg
The very last games of the QL Nations Cup 2010 are now being played. Some of these matches will be very important for some teams to earn their spot in the playoffs. These will start next week and use the DE & bo3 system.

Tonight Hungary will face both Italy and Poland starting at 15:00 CST!

Links: QLNC'10 , twitter, #quakequickcup
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QLNC'10: Group stage review (36 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 18:30 CST, 15 February 2010 - iMsg
Since we're approaching the last one week of the QL Nations Cup 2010, I would like to summarize what has been already played and what's ahead of us in the upcoming two weeks.

Now, 3 of the most important matches are ahead of us: United Kingdom United Kingdom vs Russia Russia, Netherlands Netherlands vs Sweden Sweden and Hungary Hungary vs Italy Italy. We wish them all the best luck to in these fights which will decide who goes into the playoff.

The last thing I want to mention is we already started working on Colossem 2 for QQC QL NC 2010 nationscup. There you can download and watch a short preview.

Links: QLNC'10 , twitter, #quakequickcup
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QuakeLive TDM NationsCup 2010 - Update (48 comments)
Posted by blaze @ 10:48 CST, 7 February 2010 - iMsg
The third playweek follows with todays matches, that should be all interesting. At 21:00 United Kingdom United Kingdom will clash Slovenia Slovenia, Netherlands Netherlands vs Ukraine Ukraine after that and at 22:00 Czech RepublicCzech Republic vs Spain Spain and United Kingdom United Kingdom vs Iceland Iceland.
One of the most interesting fights for tonight is United Kingdom vs Iceland, with the winner becoming leader of group B

More info: QQC - Twitter - mIRC #quakequickcup
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QuakeLive TDM NationsCup 2010 - week 3 (54 comments)
Posted by PerpetualWar @ 15:50 CST, 31 January 2010 - iMsg
Reminder: Don't miss out on tonight games! Russia Russia will take on Iceland Iceland at 21:00 CET and France France will battle out Germany Germany at 22:00 CET, Stream!

Now we`re already in a Third week of this years QQC TDM NationsCup, with a few very interesting matches ahead of us.
Russia will meet Iceland, and France plays Germany for the lead in the groups B and C respectively, on the 31. January 2010.

More info: QQC - Twitter - mIRC #quakequickcup
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Quakelive TDM Nationcup 2010 - Week2 (36 comments)
Posted by xou @ 04:33 CST, 20 January 2010 - iMsg
Two more Week2 games of the ql nationscup 2010 will be played tonight. Russia vs Denmark at 13:00 CST will be streamed on lvl^ and as well. And Hungary vs Spain at 14:00 CST still doesn't have any stream planned so far.

Links: ql nationscup 2010, Twitter QQC, mIRC #quakequickcup, Week1
Coverage: Germany Fragster
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Quakelive TDM Nationcup 2010 - Week1 (98 comments)
Posted by xou @ 13:13 CST, 17 January 2010 - iMsg
The matches of the 1st round are now over in the ql nationscup 2010. You can find below the links to the reports, VODs and demos from players (if any). Feel free to add some links in the comments for missing content!

Links: ql nationscup 2010, Twitter QQC, mIRC #quakequickcup
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quakelive tdm nationcup 2010 - 1st week (73 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 06:03 CST, 30 December 2009 - iMsg
The beginning of the QQC Quake Live NationsCup 2010 is finally here, and we bring you the 1st week matches. All the captain were already asked to schedule their first matches. The first play week will be extended, because many players cannot play so soon after new year. The first play-week will last from 4th to 17th of January 2010.

Since holysh1t tv changed their mind, matches will be covered on lvlup. Feel free to contact the admins if you are able to stream some matches. Also, we ask all players to send their demos to after their games for this year's nationcup frag highlight movie. The best way to contact Czech Republic Legie and Czech Republic eJo is on #quakequickcup.

We wish all participants best luck and have fun and I hope that tourney will be at least as good as last two years.

Links: ql nationscup 2010, Schedule, mIRC #quakequickcup
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quakelive tdm nationcup 2010 - GROUPS (130 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 18:21 CST, 28 December 2009 - iMsg
As we promised you - we are introducing you group-draw for this year. Teams were divided into 4 groups and ever group consists od 6 teams. Record of group-drawing you can find on lvlup.

Links: QQC QL NC 2010, #quakequickcup
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Quake Live TDM Nationcup 2010 - Seeds (72 comments)
Posted by eJo @ 11:37 CST, 27 December 2009 - iMsg
Here are seeds for Quake Live TDM Nationcup 2010.

Update: Group drawing will be on 28.12.2009 at 20:00CET by
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