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Silent Storm (7 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 01:24 CDT, 30 April 2009 - iMsg
I need to find a place to buy a copy of Silent Storm (ENG version) on the cheap. This is a game that came out in 2003 developed by Nival Interactive and published by JoWood. I lost my discs many years ago but want to play again.

Tremendous game if you like tactical strategy titles like Jagged Alliance. It's fully 3D and features an awesome physics engine, destructible environments, etc.

Amazon US has it for $50 and up (WTF) and is the only place I have found it so far.

Anyone know a better place to get it?
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Review: Logitech G35 USB headset (24 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 19:35 CDT, 27 April 2009 - iMsg
GGL Wire has reviewed the newly released Logitech G35 USB headset, putting it through its paces to give you, the recession-ravaged consumer, a better idea of its value.

At $129.99 USD, the G35 isn't exactly cheap. But is it worth the high price of entry, or worthy only of burning on the trash heap of discarded rubbish like some other gamer-centric products?

The result: A comfortable listening experience for long periods of time. With many headsets, average nerds like me experience quite a bit of pain due to ear compression; thereís little to no compression from the Logitech G35s because the headphones rest around the ears, instead of clamping to the head. As a trade off, you will experience slightly less noise isolation compared to the average clamp-on-head headsets on the market.

Read the full review at GGL Wire.
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If Street Fighter characters were real (95 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 00:17 CST, 17 February 2009 - iMsg
With today's release of Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, I thought it would be fun to take a stab at SFIV characters and their real life counterparts in the MMA scene.

Before the whining commences, I brought girls, too.
No female MMA fighter list would be complete without mentioning Gina Carano, who has carved out a niche for herself as a premiere female MMA fighter within two years of her debut on the scene.

Her fighting style showcases quite a bit of striking ability due to her background in Muay Thai, not wholly unlike the enigmatic Crimson Viper. While Carano does have submission skills, sheís most at home pounding the crap out of people.

Read the full story at GGL Wire.
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First Doom 4 production shots revealed (89 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 22:43 CST, 9 February 2009 - iMsg
No, not screenshots. Sorry.

GGL Wire has interviewed journeyman actor Brad Hawkins, who is motion capture work for Doom 4. Among the host of things Hawkins revealed about the process was this little tidbit:
Hawkins: But I do know we are dealing with a post war/post apocalyptic event that civilians and military are fighting for their survival.
This lends even more weight to the idea that Doom 4 will be set on Earth.

Follow to GGL Wire for the full interview and mo-cap production shots.
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Review: SteelSeries Siberia Neckband (21 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 20:17 CST, 2 December 2008 - iMsg
SteelSeries is well-known and somewhat undeservingly maligned for its gaming products, which it claims are tested by pro gamers. Its latest release, the Siberia Neckband, is a smaller, more stylish version of the original Siberia headset.

To find out if it's any good, SteelSeries sent us along a sample to test. Here's an excerpt:

Itís really quite simple, but this is overlooking the fact that thereís no set width to the headset; instead, the Siberia Neckband gradually constricts around your head.

After a while, this grows to be uncomfortable; not to mention if the constricting device in the headband (neckband?) becomes loose over time, the headphones wonít stay on. Additionally, if youíre a glasses-wearing nerd like me, the constant pressure on the arms of your glasses will press them against your head, leading to some painful situations after extended play.

Is it all doom and gloom, or is there some salvation for these headphones? To read the full review, head over to GGL Wire.
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Why the CGS is dead (68 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 20:53 CST, 21 November 2008 - iMsg
Many ESReality readers greeted the news of United States of America Championship Gaming Series' death with open arms. Whether or not you enjoyed the news, I've attempted to shed some light on the issue over at GGL Wire.

It seems that United States of America Kim Kardashian's ass and Playboy bunny chests contributed heavily (no pun intended) to the situation. Here's an excerpt:

The rest likely went toward paying for the draft at the Playboy mansion in season one, paying Fatal1ty to commentate matches, compensating an array of faceless executives, travel budgets, video production efforts including renting studio time at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA and other expenses we'll never know about.

In season two, CGS continued the PR stunts with a VIP party including Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian (who were undoubtedly paid to show off their bling and huge ass, respectively), and expanded from 10 to 16 franchises, absorbing new salary, travel, and website costs in the process.

For more info on the shenanigans and some opinion from me, hit the full article at GGL Wire.
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Review: Roccat Kone mouse (49 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 12:19 CST, 20 November 2008 - iMsg
You may know Roccat from its sponsorship of the Finland Team Roccat Counter-Strike squad, but what you may not know is that it has recently released a new mouse called the Kone.

Shaped ergonomically for right-handers, the Kone seeks to challenge the MS/Logi/Razer hegemony in the gaming mouse market.

Here's an excerpt from our review:

A majority of the Kone is covered with rubberized plastic that should help your grip. Underneath, you will find an ample amount of teflon surrounding the weight insert and sensor. One thing to note about the sensor: itís almost dead-center on the mouse, unlike the sensors on some other gaming mice these days.

Depending on your style, this can be good or badĖgamers who hold the mouse with the palm but articulate at the wrist as well will probably like it, as inside and outside motions made with the wrist will result in similar curves of the cursor.

Good? Bad? You decide.

Read the full review at GGL Wire.
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Review: Razer Moray headphones (33 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 14:22 CST, 4 November 2008 - iMsg
GGL Wire has reviewed Razer's newest audio product, the Moray headphones, to be released in December. The in-ear headphones are marketed as gamer-specific, but do they really deliver?

Here's an excerpt:
Spec-wise, the Moray have a frequency response of 20 to 11000 Hz. Compare this heads-up to an offering from Sony like the MDR-EX75, quoted at 6 to 24,000 Hz, and youíll see that the Moray are not intended for music listening and high-end response, though they are adequate for such activities.

The real questions you will have to ask yourself are: How many sets of headphones do I need? Do I want one middle of the road set for everything (gaming, gym, music listening) or a different set for each activity? How much does portability matter?

Read the full review at GGL Wire.
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Microsoft Sidewinder X5 review (41 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 12:05 CDT, 24 October 2008 - iMsg
Earlier in the week, GGL reviewed the Sidewinder X6 keyboard, and now we'll review the Sidewinder X5 gaming mouse. The X5 is a remix on last year's Sidewinder release, removing the weights, LCD and customizable mouse feet. Is it worthy?

Here's an excerpt:
Many of the performance issues related to mice simply come down to personal preference. Teflon mouse feet vs. plastic mouse feet is one of those things. There is one problem, however, that is not subjective:

Laser mice skip easily when used at low sensitivities. The Sidewinder X5 is no exception to this rule. When set at 400DPI and a low in-game/OS sensitivity, moving the Sidewinder X5 quickly caused it to skip nearly on command.

With that being said, I want to add that most gamers probably will not encounter this sort of skipping, simply because they wonít be using very low sensitivites.
Read the full review at GGL Wire.
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Microsoft Sidewinder X6 review (29 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 12:30 CDT, 21 October 2008 - iMsg
How are you gentlemen. I am contacting you on behalf of BILL GATES president of Microsoft and creator of Microsoft Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard. Recently MR GATES has fallen ill and asked me to wire you Ä100,000 and information about Microsoft Sidewinder X6, made for very hardcore gamers, for you convenience.

Here is sample:
As mentioned before, the number pad detaches and moves over to the left side of the keyboard. This is accomplished via a proprietary connector and a couple of magnets. Once the numpad gets near the magnets on the keyboard, it snaps itself into place perfectly. You donít have to dick around with aligning the connectors or anythingĖitís a very seamless transition.

Please to be reading full Sidewinder X6 review at United States of America GGL Wire.
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Review: Razer Goliathus (21 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 21:19 CDT, 14 October 2008 - iMsg
United States of America GGL Wire has reviewed Razer's newest entry into the mouse mat market: The Goliathus, which comes in Speed and Control editions.

Which one is better? Here's a snippet.
Just like in 2006, I have to question the naming of these mouse mats. The Speed Edition, which is nice and smooth, has a very fine-textured weave that is always in contact with a large area of your mouse feet. The Control Edition, which is pitted, naturally doesnít touch as much of your mouse feet.

Marketing shenanigans ahoy!

Visit GGL Wire for the recommendation on which mouse pad to use if you are in the market for one.
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Razer Salmosa reviewed (161 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 17:49 CDT, 7 October 2008 - iMsg
GGL Wire has reviewed the new Razer Salmosa, a 3G infrared mouse capable of achieving 1800 DPI @ 1000Hz.

While Razer's mice receieved a mixed reception over the years, the symmetrical, small and light Salmosa may be just the thing for the hardcore gaming crowd.

Here's an excerpt:
Perhaps the most important part of the underside is that the infrared sensor is almost perfectly centered. Itís not off to an angle (which is what typically happens with small mice that have customizable weights), or skewed to the front or back. This leads to perfect handling in FPS games.
Read the full review over at GGL Wire.
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Street Fighter IV hands on impressions (124 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 17:50 CDT, 10 September 2008 - iMsg
Yesterday United States of America Mania TV's Arcade crew invited me along to a video shoot at a local arcade that has Street Fighter IV. As there aren't many (any?) hands-on impressions of the final arcade version out there, I thought it best to share a writeup with you guys as there are quite a few rabid SF fans here at ESR.

To put it lightly, offense rules the day in SFIV, which is just the way I like it. As many previews have mentioned, there is no air blockingĖif you hang ourself out to dry, donít be surprised when you catch a Dragon Punch to the nads. This fits in with my personal philosophy for fighting games: Keep it simple and itís more fun.

Head to GGL Wire for the full report.
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AHNOLD IS GODLIKE (27 comments)
Posted by mahmoodsdotjpg @ 22:04 CST, 31 January 2007 - iMsg
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