Earlier in the week, GGL reviewed the Sidewinder X6 keyboard, and now we'll review the Sidewinder X5 gaming mouse. The X5 is a remix on last year's Sidewinder release, removing the weights, LCD and customizable mouse feet. Is it worthy?

Here's an excerpt:
Many of the performance issues related to mice simply come down to personal preference. Teflon mouse feet vs. plastic mouse feet is one of those things. There is one problem, however, that is not subjective:

Laser mice skip easily when used at low sensitivities. The Sidewinder X5 is no exception to this rule. When set at 400DPI and a low in-game/OS sensitivity, moving the Sidewinder X5 quickly caused it to skip nearly on command.

With that being said, I want to add that most gamers probably will not encounter this sort of skipping, simply because they wonít be using very low sensitivites.
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