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When I miss quake... (4 comments)
Posted by donka @ 10:28 CDT, 12 August 2019 - iMsg
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Rapha - the greatest quake player and the worst line dancer (10 comments)
Posted by donka @ 12:13 CDT, 18 April 2018 - iMsg
nuff said
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VOTE FOR TRUMP (22 comments)
Posted by donka @ 14:54 CST, 29 January 2016 - iMsg
Quick Save
F1 Trump
Finger on quick load
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Amazing mobile defrag-like game -CUBLAST (16 comments)
Posted by donka @ 09:27 CDT, 14 June 2015 - iMsg
Discovery of the year!

You guide a ball through a map through jumps and tricks to completion. Simple , yet enamoring design and high-quality production. Perfect product with great gameplay.

I think a lot of people would LOVE this game here, because it's somewhat on relative terms with defrag - execute perfect runs in faster time. Some tricks and map hacks involved.

It also has scoreboards and while they are pretty competitive, people from here probably would take some top spots on weekly ranks easily .

Find it on android and windows stores
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Choke master of the year award goes to.. (10 comments)
Posted by donka @ 10:24 CDT, 17 April 2015 - iMsg
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Cutest thread of all time (17 comments)
Posted by donka @ 14:16 CDT, 19 March 2015 - iMsg
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The fall of camera man (5 comments)
Posted by donka @ 10:20 CST, 12 February 2015 - iMsg
Those who can attribute themselves to the oldfag days can recall that a cameraman on GTV could make or break the experience for thousand viewers watching the show. The human touch behind the camera was not an ability, but a necessity before the automation helped with followkiller and followpowerup commands. The human would concentrate on the proper point of view and the human would select which battles or areas would be more spectacular for the viewer. Naturally, the human element came with errors that sometimes were simply debated by viewers, sometimes irritating, and at times even irreversible costly: missing a huge quad run or a flag cap, or leaving the camera staring at a ceiling for 2 hours at WCG.

The aforementioned automation made life easier, and at times safe, but what it also did Ė it took the soul element out of camera work. Today, the camera always follows the killer, always follows quad and flag carriers. Inherently, those are correct choices for focusing the POV, but it comes with a cost at another end Ė overcorrection. Overcorrection destroys the spectator experience by making games from anything that is soulless, to completely unwatchable.

This spectrum is very easy to dissect:

1. Loss of singularity.
Handing the POV to next player breaks the story. One player game, fueled by his decisions and performance, is one full storyline. Switching the POVs at times becomes something relative to cable surfing, where you are too bored with one good movie to watch, you want to substitute the boring gaps with TruTV top 10 dumbest robbers.

2. Loss of challenge.
Switching POV to a winner seems like a proper thing to do, but why? Letís say cypher got killed while his opponent is fully stacked. Following cypher will tell the story how to perform a champion-grade rebound and how to overcome the uncertainty and the challenge of the incoming pressure. Viewers get to experience the imminent danger glooming around because killing cypher is an emotional event after all and his way back to control is no less interesting than the killerís pursuit.
Whatís the last time you saw the quad player walking in the room with all that danger, the unchallenging power, dismay, and ultimate destruction? Or maybe, the ultimate success of killing a quad? You havenít. You get to follow the quad now and get always the one-sided story.

3. Loss of continuity.
Imagine CTF championship game of 8 players, 4 aim beasts on each team, racking up on average 400 kills in 20 minutes. Add to that 3 power ups, and 2 flags. You get to follow it all. This becomes completely unwatchable experience as the camera switches faster than it does the worst episode on MTV2 reality show.

4. Loss of essence.
All of the above converge to the main drawback of soulless automation Ė the camera does not capture what the game is largely about. One player thought process and strategy. Whether it is duel mind games, TDM team flow, or CTF positioning, auto-follow destroys all of that. Br1ck and whaz might have had the best defense and offense in CTF of all time, you will never know it. You will get to watch their game in 5 seconds intervals mixed with meaningless cess pool in mid.
The issue is even bigger here Ė failure to capture the inexperienced crowd that needs essence to understand what they are watching. I believe this greatly contributed to popularity of TDM and CTF Ė people from beginner modes do not get to feel what the game is about when they consider it on stream. Majority of common men fell in love with the game not by playing it, but by spectating <insert idol here>. New players barely get that experience anymore.

As long as the reflection rant lasted, the conclusion is brief:

Everything in moderation:
While the automation is helpful, donít rely on it fully. Take control of your presentation.

Game modes:
Today, duel manual camera work is doable, in TDM and lolCA it is desirable, and in CTF it is absolutely essential. I do not see much up for discussion here.

Most common source of the game relay today is a single caster. One caster can man the camera and talk about what he sees all at the same time. Have a bind that toggles the follow* variables and execute them only when you feel is appropriate, when you feel that maybe the game is getting boring from current POV or meaningless.
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Idea for a perfect Clan Arena map (10 comments)
Posted by donka @ 08:39 CST, 4 December 2014 - iMsg
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Quake Live Cyber Monday Sale This Week (6 comments)
Posted by donka @ 20:45 CST, 1 December 2014 - iMsg

Happy Holidays Quakers, Cyber Monday deals begin today and last throughout the week! Whether you are new to Quake Live or a veteran looking to extend your current subscription, now is the perfect time to buy. We are now offering 50% Off the annual Pro subscription!

Note from OP: that's about 18 US bucks ladies and gentlemen

Offer ends Tuesday, December 9th at 10am PST.
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I hear people like MK3 face-offs here (No comments)
Posted by donka @ 21:38 CST, 28 November 2014 - iMsg

This is the funniest thing i saw on on the internet for a while. Wait until putin fight.
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Did you know.... (20 comments)
Posted by donka @ 09:04 CST, 18 November 2014 - iMsg
that your quake model
never blinks
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GIFV support? (14 comments)
Posted by donka @ 14:09 CDT, 17 October 2014 - iMsg
imgur and gfycat are doing it!
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To all whiners about ID this and ID that (29 comments)
Posted by donka @ 10:23 CDT, 15 October 2014 - iMsg
It's not a crime to wish for things. Nice things, like GTV, anticheat, perfect matchmaking, in-game chat and netcode that magically eliminates the disadvantages of time and space.

Many people here repeatedly feel obligated to throw a stab or two at ID because, you know, it would be a common sense to implement feature XYZ, but ID is not doing it because they don't care. Those 2 intern bastards + a part time product communication manager.

Well, being somewhat professional in system and project development, I understand what it takes to plan, build, test, and deploy a solution. A clear solution rather, not even something like "my rail did not hit a week ago, no demo provided"

He's an example of a challenge LoL had to take on to build a stupid in-game chat system.

Now try to imagine how a small team would handle this, and many other megafeatures we all like to have.

...PS : and what do we provide back ? - are you a pro subscriber? Did you block your ads years ago in QLprism?
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Video footage tracking + quake cam? (8 comments)
Posted by donka @ 10:58 CDT, 5 October 2014 - iMsg
Have these been implemented in quake movies?

I know the concept is not new, but it looks like the accessibility to complex camera tracking in video is getting better and better and FREE.

I've had the idea for a while to make real video footage + green screen quake defrag... that would be some bad ass parkour

Link some examplesif you know.
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Selective reading (6 comments)
Posted by donka @ 12:00 CDT, 14 July 2014 - iMsg
Got email today:

"Complete your Q3 Health Risk Assessment now!"

Mind going "wtf, i didn't play Q3 since 2008..."

third quarter, duh
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If you watch quake backwards (20 comments)
Posted by donka @ 15:45 CDT, 10 March 2014 - iMsg
It's a game about reviving x number black bodies until their count goes back to zero.
It's also a competition to deposit red armors at designated spots faster than the enemy
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BABY COME BACK (21 comments)
Posted by donka @ 16:58 CST, 31 January 2014 - iMsg
Somehow I ended up looking up our good friend qlm and found out it has 7090 friends :o . That's 7090 people who more or less are aware of happenings with QLRanks, know how to update from the game, and are up to date on some community matters. Then I noticed I could look up how active they are


~2000 of these ppl are active on daily basis
~1300 people are away for some weeks
~800 people are on brink of not coming back after 3 month inactivity
not sure what to think about accounts > 3 months because you get an email saying you will be deleted for inactivity at that point

This of course is a tip of the iceberg as it only includes those who cared to friend qlm

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Post your frag of the day (359 comments)
Posted by donka @ 13:50 CST, 19 January 2014 - iMsg
Video, gif, or otherwise. Must be easy to view

See this for small tutorial

Here's first
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Software idea - frag gif catcher (37 comments)
Posted by donka @ 10:31 CST, 15 January 2014 - iMsg
A program that runs on the background and either records or takes screenshots of last ~15 seconds of quakelive window. On key press it makes a gif if last 15 seconds that may contain a frag.

I think PCs today can afford seamless execution of a little program like this given that it records at lower resolution and FPS

This is good enough
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Message to all aliases (153 comments)
Posted by donka @ 13:38 CST, 9 December 2013 - iMsg
Maybe Iím on a slow train, but Iím starting to notice a drastic increase in aliasing in NA servers. There are more aliases than ever before and they come in bunches. They know eachother, invite to private premium servers, and I was in 4v4 games with 4-5 people whose accounts are 1.5 month old, but skill level seems to be 2000+ elo.

#1 Advantage in this game is stable accounts and progress tracking. Itís what gets majority people engaged (of course itís not like that for you, you standup guy). In addition, people created and embraced and paid for QLranks, which provides even more value to this game through observing self-improvement by tracking tangible measures.

This is about all that quake has going for us right now. There are no stable leagues, clans, weekly team competitions (especially in NA). Progress tracking is all thatís left.

Now you. You crafty smart evil sonovabitch. Kudos for making a 100th account and reaping 80% percent win with +150 elo per game. Sure, you gonna get a rise out of a few people, an occasional forum post, a troll medal, perhaps. I hope you realize one thing: your behavior is unsustainable. For reasons above, by destroying matchmaking and progress tracking, you are delivering a fatal blow to a fragile community and before you know it, there will be nothing but idiots like you left circlejerking eachother around. I cannot possibly believe that after acquiring your level of skill, and playing this game for hours every day lasting for YEARS you donít have a bit of appreciation for everything that makes it great for new, habitual, and usual honorable quakers.
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Saying bye to a good friend... (23 comments)
Posted by donka @ 17:32 CDT, 30 October 2013 - iMsg
It first hit me when we scheduled the final hour of our best friend. She was the ugliest and yet the most beautiful boxer bull mastiff mix. A lazy, soft, always hungry, playful dog any domestic dog owner would be happy to have. A family member, a child, a friend, and an every day companion. The best, hairiest, warmest, cuddle monster in the whole world full of animated near human facial expressions. I could not believe that 2 hours later she will look at me for the last time before going to sleep forever...

My family lost pets before. Some to cars, some to rabies, some just wondered away hunting for pussy and who knows what happened with them. It was never that close and parting came always sudden and distant. This time, supposedly cancer, took over a month to wear us down with cycles of gained and lost hope. Several doctors ran several tests and discovered nothing while we stayed in limbo watching our friend counting her last breaths. She started to become so weak that the question of euthanasia was in our thoughts 24/7. One more blood transfusion brought one more hope, which again turned into one more, final devastation.

Making the decision was the hardest thing we ever had to do. She was still there, ready to sleep, relax, do her dog thing, but all other signs showed that she may be soon suffering from pain if not already. Dogs are really tough when it comes to pain, and they will go a long way before they let you know they are not as happy as they always are. It's human's responsibility to prevent the dog from suffering, but how can we condemn the dog that doesn't seem to be suffering yet? How many days are left? Does she need assistance or can we just let her go as she is ready? What if there's another relapse of hope...... Excruciating discussions with your close ones and yourself you have to go through in this situation over and over and over again. Most people suffer loss of pets in their life. This is the worst kind. For us it was way premature, and too painful lasting a whole month. I wish this upon no one.

Another hard realization of this experience is how attached we can get to dogs. Cats are just there, cute sometimes, minding their own business. Fish just bubbles up upside down marking a bad hour of an average day. Hamster goes x_x over night and that's it. Dog is there for you, and with you, and because of you every minute of every day. Begging food, picking up crumbs, spreading hair, taking your couch, forcing you to go outside in your pajamas in freezing rain. Dog is always happy to see you and everyone you know. The second time it hit me when I ate my first whole banana in several years and I chocked on the last bite that was never mine. I dropped a piece of cheese and it just laid there. I woke up to an alarm and no one followed me to the kitchen. All the toys I had to pick up and decide what to do with them... Home is now so empty without her.

People around you react differently to this type of loss. Some are very understanding. Some offer their condolences . Some are completely unsympathetic, which boggles my mind because anyone with a basic level of empathy should feel something about a loss like this. People who are less supporting are usually those who never had close pets growing up and are anti social in human setting. Some assume it's nothing compared to loss of a human, which I don't care to compare, but it's one atrocious thing to assume also. The third realization was what dogs teach us and how they help us to become better persons. You cannot change someone if they are set in their ways, and that's ok. You have to be patient with other's needs. Your time if everyone's time, and it's important to share it. You have to take care of others whether or not you think they will return the favor. And you have to let go and forgive when after all this they shit in your backyard. For all single , growing up guys out there looking to be in relationship. Think about it. Empathy and patience are not innate skills. And that's what most relationship disputes are all about. Same can be said about teaching your kids how to take care of another being and how to be sympathetic and manage vulnerability.

At last, if you have a dog, or a cat, or a hand pig, don't stop yourself from giving them minute. That is all they want . You are their entire life and they got no TV, games, or books to fall back to. Because when they are gone, you will be sorry about every minute you neglected them. And most importantly , their life is your responsibility. When it is their time to go, don't be macho tough, be supportive and do the right thing. It's gonna be hard, and you are going to suffer, but years prior definitely worth it. Make them count now.

TL;DR said farewell to a dog friend, faced challenges, made conclusions
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Re: 102. Pavel Interviewed! Car crash, D (6 comments)
Posted by donka @ 20:35 CDT, 16 October 2013 - iMsg
Dat dm6 background
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Race records... (109 comments)
Posted by donka @ 12:43 CDT, 17 July 2013 - iMsg
Are they tracked on
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Rediscovered gem of gaming cinema (4 comments)
Posted by donka @ 16:24 CDT, 8 May 2013 - iMsg
This is probably the best movie to EVER come out of gaming. The engine behind it is Enemy Territory, but much of the content is custom, and i believe was made specifically for the movie. Special credit to programming, 3D , art, camera work, and vision.

from 2006
RGB - Red Green Blue
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Streamers - stream smthing while QL down (15 comments)
Posted by donka @ 14:10 CDT, 30 April 2013 - iMsg
Seems like a no brainer to me.

Get a bunch on demos on the playlist , put it through wolfcam offline. Beats watching random shitties on QLRanks any day.

Someone should have a whole channel dedicated to just tournament replays. Include add-on gfx and polish the presentation. 9001 instant karma
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Best thing I read in a while. (54 comments)
Posted by donka @ 12:48 CDT, 29 April 2013 - iMsg
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a Russian writer, dissident and activist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1970.

He was given an honorary Literary Degree from Harvard University in 1978 and on Thursday, 8 June 1978 he gave his Commencement Address condemning, among other things, rationalistic humanism in modern western culture

35 years later, most of the issues in this speech are clearer than ever.
5487 Hits pug stats (38 comments)
Posted by donka @ 17:11 CDT, 25 March 2013 - iMsg
As a side project of mine, I have gathered some stats for QL NA CTF pugs. Will be relevant to someone here.

I'm looking at you QLranks and adopt CTF stats/ratings already!

Edit: 4/8/2013 - added a tab "Best Friends" . It shows winning percentage per 2 teammates.

edit: new page with stats 3/15-4/15

Added "Worst enemies" stats and CTF ELO(with change)
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TIL W3sp has 7 million views on youtube (21 comments)
Posted by donka @ 10:17 CDT, 20 March 2013 - iMsg
For newfags: w3sp is somewhat a strafe-jumping master jedi level equivalent to yoda

His channel:

Made in 2007 and 2009 he has THE most popular q3 movies

It looks like now he took his piano skills to the masses and performs video game music in public. You might have seen his stuff from chat roulette.
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Before you die ... (6 comments)
Posted by donka @ 15:05 CST, 19 December 2012 - iMsg
They say before you die , your life flashes before your eyes...

If you want a preview, put your /screenshots folder on slideshow.
Should be pretty accurate :)

cg_autoaction 7 ftw
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Cloud9 = new newbs? (1 comment)
Posted by donka @ 13:59 CST, 15 November 2012 - iMsg
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Infrastructure for tournaments (8 comments)
Posted by donka @ 13:37 CDT, 2 November 2012 - iMsg
Last tourney i did was in 200x and i had to hand-modify a php template to make a simplest site for a game tournament. Took dozen s of hours of manual labor. I'd hope industry made a few big steps since then.

What sites do you know that allow you to easily spin up a custom tournament allowing the following:

-player sign ups
-team formations
-schedule, bracket , score management

Edited by donka at 13:38 CDT, 2 November 2012 - 5630 Hits
Is this really who we are? (27 comments)
Posted by donka @ 14:45 CDT, 31 October 2012 - iMsg
I have thisÖ friend, so to speak, of dubious roots and quirky nature. I always thought he is in his own world, but not too far removed from reality of mine. He invited me to his band's concert. I asked several times about the nature of the music he plays, for which I got some vague replies such as: cool vibe, cosmic rock, harmonic metal. Fine, Iíll go. I have committed. The venue that was hosting the collage of similar bands for the night is familiar to me from past experience with once in a lifetime trash death metal concert that I was also dragged into by someone else. Fine. Iím still committed.

I arrived to the bar with a small setup for a band and a space for maximum 100 shoulder to shoulder people. It has a bare naked atmosphere: no seating, no decoration, no bar games, and one conventional TV Ė a true savior here. The place has maybe 20-30 people corner to corner. All of them are very typical metalheads and their friends, bobbing their heads to what the hell ever is screaming, tearing, and banging on the main stage. Whatever, Iím still in my comfort zone. I went through this stage when I was young. Who didn't? However, the music that is raping my ears is just horrid because the volume is too loud, the room is not designed for sound, and the equipment is very low quality. The crowd doesn't seem to mind. Most of it consist very, very dedicated audience of some of the same people I remember from my incidental visit couple of years ago.

There were very few people, so as the bands switched out, the crew would simply jump back into the audience. They do it either out of sincerity of having fun, or sympathy of having fewer than 5 people near stage thus completing the circle of participation and support. It was all the same people, all the time. Some of them are young, but mature fans. Some of them are old school. And some even have silver weaving through their beards. They organized, they participated, and made their own crowd. Thatís when an unsettling analogy slipped through my mind. They have been doing this once popular, but now outdated dungeon thing forever and failed to grow out of it like the most of their peers. It still provides them the same entertainment and hype, which is important, I guess. But from the outsiderís point of view it is such a pitiful sight! I understand them, I've been there, I know what it is, I enjoyed it immensely, but I did give it up and moved on without feeling a slightest regret. I wondered how long are they going to be there to enjoy those brown walls, outdated geometry, simplicity of rules, primitive sounds, and uninspiring models. How long will they be able to clap each other loud enough to make it sound like the room if full of people? And what happens when the organizers and the owners of these events cannot keep the means and the interest to facilitate the dream of the last few? And most importantly, does this apply to my interests that are only 2 steps ahead? Hard to imagine it doesn't. Whatever, I too enjoy what I do. Today, I still love QL/3, and I pity the others. And for their sake, I hope they do too.
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QL Map list as of 4-30-2012 (11 comments)
Posted by donka @ 15:23 CDT, 3 May 2012 - iMsg
If anyone ever needs it

GT# is a gametype number for this map
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Banned accounts? (1 comment)
Posted by donka @ 13:30 CDT, 3 May 2012 - iMsg
There are a few services out there today that scan thru the QL accounts ... there must me an indicator , or even maybe a description that account is banned.

Would like to see a list and possibly notification of new banned accounts.

Any takers?
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Cypher vs Cooller Showmatch at TECHLABS (211 comments)
Posted by donka @ 16:21 CST, 10 February 2012 - iMsg
Scheduled: 02:30 CDT, 18 March 2012 to 03:00 CDT, 18 March 2012
Schedule: Passed

A show match between Belarus srs/rzr/Cypher vs Russia M5.Cooller will be held at Moscow's TECHLABS CUP RU 2012 Cyberfest on March 18th.

The showdown will be happening on the main stage and feature BO5 series with $1,000 main prize and $500 for the second place.

Update: Here is the schedule of the event:
02:00 CDT - Opening of the festival
02:30 CDT - Quake Live: Cooller vs Cypher
03:00 CDT - Overclocking
04:00 CDT - BloodLine Champions
05:00 CDT - Dota 2: Na'Vi vs DTS
06:15 CDT - Point Blank
08:00 CDT - Counter-Strike: M5 vs Na'Vi
10:00 CDT - World of Tanks
12:00 CDT - Loc-Dog'a Concert
Update2: Check out the Gallery and its video footage!!

Source: Russia - YouTube vk Facebook
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Idea for demo analyzers (7 comments)
Posted by donka @ 12:06 CST, 9 November 2011 - iMsg
Take some demo from early quake3 like Fatality vs Stelam or something and analyze it like you do modern matches in QL.

There gotta be variety of errors you would find and point out regarding modern level and style of game.
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It all makes sense now... (12 comments)
Posted by donka @ 16:07 CDT, 14 October 2011 - iMsg
Trolling - is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water.
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Dear diary... (16 comments)
Posted by donka @ 11:47 CST, 4 March 2011 - iMsg
Deary diary,

In one day i went from cool dude (9%) to haxor (>90%)

I got probably the highest rated user post on ESR

Cooller won the most epic set of matches and advanced to world championship finals beating rapha, cypher, avek, strenx

Nearly all games at IEM were absolutely great

Match coverage couldn't be better between Russian and (selected) English streams.


Please don't fuck it up.


Please don't cancel Christmas.

Jamerio, Vedic, and other trolls,

Please keep it together until it's over. It's been great.
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Epic:Cooller takes interview from Cypher (21 comments)
Posted by donka @ 15:58 CST, 3 March 2011 - iMsg
Video in Russian:

Let's hope owner takes this text and attaches somehow to the video, i'm done

my translation, 99% exact

As is line by line just no timestamps

(formatted per below request)
operator: letís go
Cooller: Greetings to all readers of
....Cypher: yes, greets
Cooller: Today, as I suppose, is Wednesday
Cooller: Wednesday , 2nd of March, 2011 year.
Cooller: My name is Anton Singov
Cooller: Next to me super star QUAKE LIVE - "Cypher" - Alexei Yanushevsky
Cooller: Alexei, I have only one question for you at this moment:
Cooller: What's the matter?
....Cypher: What's going on you mean?
Cooller: What's the matter?
....Cypher: Something is the matter at the moment :D
....Cypher: I don't even know how to answer your question, honestly.
Cooller: When I had a bad grade in school, my dad saw my grade journal and asked me:
Cooller: Anton, What's the matter?
....Cypher: Mama asked same question when I skipped classes.

Cooller: Well, explain, please, the quality of your performance. Why such a -horriblest- performance?
Cooller: However, I want to say that I watched your games. Principally, there were difficulties everywhere.
Cooller: But you just missed it by a little bit.
Cooller: Comment please.
....Cypher: Let's start with your game. Game with you and me, the first one.
....Cypher: Well, everything was not too bad. I won- got control and I won.
....Cypher: But ztn , umm , everything was decided in first moments.
Cooller: I will explain: On my first map I felt unsure, a little.
Cooller: My aim was pretty weak. Plus I selected such game style... "accurate".
Cooller: You controlled me because I allowed you to control me.
....Cypher: no, I did not allo-...
Cooller: You should actually be arrogant on this map. See?
Cooller: On the second map I made my conclusions from the first map.
Cooller: And in reality I left you no chance.
....Cypher: On the other hand I feel like I didn't play well ztn.
....Cypher: I didn't show my full potential as I usually show on ztn.
....Cypher: well ok..
Cooller: let's not butt heads right now.
....Cypher: I lost to Anton. Well deserved win.

....Cypher: What else can I say...
....Cypher: After that I played against spartie.
....Cypher: I already explained the situation to d1monn once here.
....Cypher: That to the left of me there was fnatic, to the right Na'Vi.
....Cypher: They screamed... I couldn't hear very well.
....Cypher: czm and dandaking - really, didn't create any difficulties.
....Cypher: Rapha's game - you saw everything.
....Cypher: Yes, in all, I did play horribly.
....Cypher: I should have first of all, finish you on t7.
....Cypher: And then get out of the group 100% while winning everyone else.
Cooller: I understand, ok. What are the conclusions you will make?
....Cypher: Now I will go home, will analyze my demos...
....Cypher: I will analyze my life priorities. What needs more time..
Cooller: Distribute (time)
....Cypher: well, yea, distribute time.
Cooller: Determine right priorities.
Cooller: How did you come up with this?
....Cypher: some guy told me :D

Cooller: what are your plans for immediate future.
Cooller: Let's just say, 3 month interval. What are your pans for this Spring?
....Cypher: Well ok. Italy is in a month. Will apply for visa.
....Cypher: Will play.
oper: Stermy will make an awesome tournament.
....Cypher: yes, Stermy organizes a championship.
oper: There will be awesome weather.
....Cypher: It's on a shore by the way. The shore of....
oper: Sea-cost towny.
....Cypher: temperature should be nice

Cooller: Well ok. How old are you at the moment?
....Cypher: I am 20.
Cooller: do you have any concrete plans for your career.
Cooller: I mean some particular assignments.
....Cypher: According to my contract I still have to play 2 years at a minimum.
Cooller: That means your fans that follow you absolutely don't have a chance to lose you, yes?
....Cypher: Well, only if I start loosing too often, then maybe something will happen.
....Cypher: Otherwise, I do not have any plans to leave Quake.
Cooller: Do you think you have reasons to worry that you will start losing?
....Cypher: At this moment there's reason, but I think I will overcome this and remove broken points
Cooller: It doesn't just happen, Alexei, that you will always hold the top, understand?
....Cypher: yea
Cooller: And you know, there's such expression: "In order to make a high jump you have to fall down at first."
....Cypher: I fell down more than once already.
Cooller: Accept all these events as positive ones. In everything you should look for positivity.

Cooller: Ok, what else can I ask you?
Cooller: What's with your studying right now?
....Cypher: Everything in normal. I'm studying on my 3rd year.
....Cypher: Finished an exam session just now.
oper: Do you have your student record book?
....Cypher: Of course. I got it with me at all times.
Cooller: Produce it, please.
....Cypher: Ok, I will not open it though.
....Cypher: Here, please, "zalikovaya" booklet.
Cooller: What a dangerous passenger. Very serious.
oper: "zalikovaya" booklet, all A's?
Cooller: Let's look. Complete, complete, complete.
oper: what's your grading system? 10-scale?
....Cypher: 10-scale.
Cooller: kinda weak. But that's ok. Hardship in training - ease in battle.

Cooller: How are the things with Byelorussian education?
Cooller: Is it at all an important nuance?
....Cypher: Of course. Not very good. Just like everywhere now, education isn't at its highest level.
....Cypher: because instructors aren't very good.
Cooller: Do you mean, in particular, quality of knowledge?
....Cypher: Yes, quality of material that they offer isn't very high.
....Cypher: And the "crust"(diploma) you get doesn't carry much weight.
Cooller: Either way it's a very important thing.
....Cypher: Either way, yes, higher education is very important.
Cooller: Agree with me: first thing you go anywhere they would ask you if you have higher education
Cooller: and which institute you graduated from.
Cooller: Do agree.
....Cypher: Of course. Every person should have higher education. Or, even better if two of them.
....Cypher: I want to get a second degree.

Cooller: Next question
Cooller: As well as I know I know you went to razer booth. What's there?
....Cypher: There was a photosession, made a few photos.
Cooller: What was this photosession like?
....Cypher: Some man shoved me against the wall and ... started making photos.
oper: Were there any girls in the frame?
....Cypher: No, regrettably, not like in Kiev.
Cooller: why did they do it?
....Cypher: well I dunno, maybe PR.
Cooller: ...if cypher plays razer I will go to the store and by razer
....Cypher: something like that
Cooller: It's clear.
....Cypher: Let them photograph, I don't mind.

Cooller: What would you say about the tour?
....Cypher: Overall, I don't really like to come to Germany.
....Cypher: It just happens that I dont like coming here.
Cooller: Maybe because you don't perform here very well?
....Cypher: The situation is simple not the best.
....Cypher: Not really, not about performance.
....Cypher: Especially at this time of the year.
....Cypher: I like summer tournaments a lot.
....Cypher: When you come outside and it's sunny, warm, excellent.
....Cypher: Organization of this tournament is excellent. They just had some sound issues in the competition area.
....Cypher: They need to correct that
....Cypher: Otherwise, everything is excellent.

Cooller: ok, great. You are now 20 years old. What are you life time goals?
....Cypher: The most usual, human goals. House, car, girl, financial prosperity.
oper: But what about the family?
....Cypher: family is of course in the 1st place. Relatives and close people to me.
oper: We know that your father supports you a lot.
oper: He comes to your games
oper Stays around to make sure you feel his presence.
....Cypher: Yea, my father lives in Moscow.
....Cypher: And since we've had a lot of tournaments in Moscow
....Cypher: Such as Giga games, ASUS, many of those
....Cypher: So he supported me a lot, picked me up from trains, took me everywhere.
Cooller: provided (english)SuPPoRt :D
....Cypher: YeZ :D
....Cypher: For which I am very grateful to him. I love him. We have good relationship.

Cooller: I think we will wrap up. It's windy and cold regardless of sunny weather.
oper: yes, it's cold
Cooller: we need to go in doors and warm up a little
Cooller: Thanks to everyone. I hope everyone would like it
....Cypher: Maybe I will take your interview next time.
oper: Yea yea yea, you will question him.. harshly.
Cooller: Thank you for "operatormansship".
....Cypher: Thanks everyone.

....Cypher: By the way we can film this -->
....Cypher: some car
Cooller: By the way, we are observing a situation here:
Cooller: Some type of a testing or presentation track
Cooller: Something is driving around..
Cooller: I think this is Mercedes SLR
Cooller: Estimated at half a million euros - MinIMum
Cooller: It has some... serious system under the hood
oper: somewhere there
oper: We can zoom in.

oper: Yea, topic of automobiles is harsh. We all want to ride beautiful cars.
oper: This is Andrei, he took pictures for you guys.
oper: he's shy we don't film him
oper: Ok guys, let's go inside
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ESR Upcoming events in Google Calendar (3 comments)
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Wouldn't that be nice?
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Dominant eye vs. aiming in video games (5 comments)
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Found(reddit) this interesting page that helps you to determine your dominant eye

and read up on it on

It says it's important in some aspects of aiming, so the natural question arises - what about gaming? It's natural to sit directly facing the monitor, but what if****

How would that affect gaming? Any ideas?
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