holydays can be so boring from time to time, especially, when all of the friends are out to party, the girlfriend is on vacation and you have an influenza... so,i sorted out my hdd, which has tremdously grown, cleaned all the junk from my registry and updated various drivers to finally lay the foundations for Q4 on my nearly 4 years old pc. After adjusting the game (lowest-ugliest-itty-bitty-seetings) i was certain that i was ready for the new multiplayer experience.. but my old lady wouldn't let me.. 20 fps ftw!1 :P One hour of reading through all the config examples and cvars on different sites had been passed before i would gave it an another try. But the disappiontment wouln't stop: i gained an extra of aimazingly 5 fps, woohoo.. consequently i started from the scratch but soon i recognized, that my gpu was running in pci mode. I was like "WTF,LOL?! You are an AGP card, you can't run in pci mode!! I don't own homosexual hardware, STFU,K?!" so, after a heart-to-heart talk with google, i was sure to end this gay relationship by installing new chipset-drivers and it worked, i gained an extra of more or less 20 fps! I haven't been expecting much from my pc, but now Q4 is running at 55 fps, with some fps drops here and there.generally speaking, it is bearable(cough). it was a tough job and Q4 is better than i was especting it to be(phrantic is really fun to me! way better than in cpma) plus it is running okish, albeit my pc sux. to sum it up, it was worth the effort :)