Hi folks!

We brought great mapper Kryw to give a shot at a 1.4.2 optimized map.

Every Quake 4 maps were designed way before 1.3/1.4 patches, and are, for the most part, unoptimized when it comes to movements.
Even more with nowadays 240hz tickrate which also impact moves in a positive way.

After a few weeks of playing, it seems like this map can be played with very fast gameplay, pretty much CPMA style for anyone sliding decently.

It's optimized for Duel, but is fun on DM and 2v2TDM also!

A few screenshots with default Q4 lightning (r_vertexlight 0):

screen 1

screen 2

screen 3

screen 4

screen 5

screen 6

We are beta-testing the map intensively during this month and hope for a release in September maximum!

We could use any suggestions/feedback to make the best map possible, so please, feel free to join us, test the map and give your opinion!

Join us on discord here: http://discord.gg/hRhu7BjeUG