DRAGON 0.01% 31.12.2020
@everyone @Q4 I am giving away access to #🎓god-training . It is a unique closed group containing tips and secrets of gaming power like nothing else. The materials, exercises and insights shared in that group are worth hundreds millions of gold coins. It is not something a @Debil aim coach will ever come with. Now all that you need to gain access is to get over 100+ bo3 duels in our official duel ladder #🥋duel-s2 . You should also not just lose the games, but work hard to progress your skill level, ideally to @Advanced (C) and @Advanced (C+) and you can check this channel above for corresponding elo points.
First invitation has to reach a mark of 100+, Second has to reach 125+, third 150+, fourth 175+, fifth 200.
Deadline is March 1st.

Taken from https://discord.gg/kGFZufD

I have heard rumours about this group, members progress in skill ridiculously quick.