If we have full dive VR would there still be people living in real life? Maybe it comes down to personal preference? I am referring to VR brain implants,BCIs or a VR chip connected to a central Ai computer not VR headsets, googles, etc? I am asking hypothetically since i know that full dive VR is still a while away

I know that we need to eat and drink etc but maybe using life support machines to take care of our bodily functions, also I know we need money, but I am sure we can also make money using VR

Maybe in a 100% automated and self-sustaining world?

Or we could have the majority people who spend the majority of time in the real world (in other words split time between real life and FIVR), or some people who spend their entire lives in full time.

If you were to give a rough estimate what percentage of people would stay in the real world instead of using these devices? 75 Percent maybe