My Fellow Quakers,

My six years old config is starting to give up on me and soon I might be in a fortunate position to upgrade, so I am making some plans. At first I wanted to upgrade my old PC - LGA 1150 - i3-4330 3,6 Ghz - 2 x 4GB DDR3 @ 1800 Mhz - GTX 750 Ti 2 GB. However, since LGA 1150 is no longer an option, unfortunately I have to build a whole new machine.
I am on a budget so I would try to keep it as low as possible, however the main goal would be to run the game in 120 fps constant on ultra. (I have a 60 hz IPS monitor for working purposes.)
So I hereby request your help on what exactly should I compromise on to get this working.
I have already decided on including a Crucial 480 GB SSD, a Corsair Gold Modular PSU and bombass c case that I can barely remember but it should do fine.
As far as the new cards and processors go, I have no fukken idea. I heard talks about AMD making a comeback and Ryzen gaining 15% performance gain when paired with a CL14 kit RAM, but those kits are insanely expensive so I am looking towards Intel at the moment. I am opting for 2x8 GB DDR4 ram. As for a GPU, I am not quite sure I need the top most shit, wondering about your experiences but so far an nVidia 1660 Ti seems to be the best bet, now I only need a processor that won't bottleneck it and is cheap. As for the motherboard, I have no freaking idea, bear with me. Obviously I would need something that can use the sticks to their full potential, but I am no expert by any means so you tell me. Should I go with Intel, or AMD? Which is the most cost efficient? I also might add that under no circumstances do I wanna fuck around with RGB strobe lights and overclocking bullshit, I ain't got time for that. Anything out of the box that does the constant 120 fps is fine with me, since this pretty much guarantees I should be able to render videos at a decent speed and work with Bleneder without any sort of issues as well as my music projects.
Any recommendations are welcome, and since I am kind of on a budget, any tricks up your sleeve where I can spare some money would be most welcome.

I intentionally did not say an exact cash limit because I am pretty interested what you guys can come up with.

Thanks in advance! :)

Your G, ger1e