Drk is a an overgrown kid with serious mental / ego disease.
We are talking about this guy - https://stats.quake.com/profile/d%20r%20k

When I have first installed quake in 2009-2010, he already had 14+ years of quake "experience" and he played thousands upon thousands of hours in quake.

Compared to bot like players such as dam1ro and others hitting 20-30% rail, Drk enjoyed his position of "railmaster" and "Advanced / elite player.

Once, I became pro, I have showed him his true place in life, inside a Garbage trashbin)).
Raping guy over and over again with an average duel score of 75-0 and 90-0. He cried, he never played the game to the end, he claimed all this are hacks and hacks, aimbot and wallhack, vote hack, speed hack, and I am cheater. He always compared me with toxjq (his best buddy), if toxjq cant hit this hard, how can you?

Well, I can easily do much more than that. All this videos show literally 1% or less of total power I possess in this world.

The humiliation of Drk did not stop there, I have even raped him without using railgun. Nor did it stop there.

In the period between year 2011 and year 2012, I have trained a bunch of noname russian guys, and each of them raped DRK.
With no 15 years of quake experience, just a few masterclass from GOD OF WAR SANCHEZ, and it is enough to rape DRK.

Roketza rapes drk in zero.

Revan beating DRK on ping 100. Ping 100 in quake is like ping 1000 in QC, it is unplayable, not just hits dont register, shots dont register / go out of weapon.

Aksel beats DRK

I don't have recording but it happened publicly known many times.

Point beats Drk.

I am quite sure he did.

There were many other players like arab, kloun, insane, who were playing better than drk, and could murder him ingame, because they visited some of the masterclasses of real quake master.


For the comparison, a "pro" player k1lsen vs drk.

You can see easily from this game that k1lsen would be raped by Sanchez.


Revan qstats - https://stats.quake.com/profile/RevanQ4

Sanchez vs Revan

Sanchez vs Aksel

Sanchez vs Roketza

Sanchez vs Point

European players who raped DRK.

Apophis / Diamond

Equanox rapes drk

Kaczorek / Kwa Kwa polish semipro player, rapes drk

The funniest thing as you could see, everyone who played me, became a better player, except DRK, The guy got destroyed for nothing.

Loser mentality, when you quit if your opponent destroys you / vs strong players, and only play when given exceptional amount of handicap and no map control. This is the true reason why they never progress in the game skill and ability.


I have also played some Spontan CTF.

This is some random match, good matches demos are lost.

The thing is, I was falsely accused by this cocksucker DRK, because he went to the logfiles of the match, and found that I have hit 105 rails with 71% accuracy in a single ctf match, his ego got hurt and he claimed that this is physically impossible. Plus I had a ping around 70.
In his little mind and inflated ego he is the best railer in quake 4.

You know, I was never toxic, it might be hard to believe, but I was a nice guy many days before, but playing better than anyone else, will get you alot of hate, kicks and bans. People ego hurts when someone exceeds them anywhere. They want revenge but what can they do ingame? Get raped 125-0? Post videos of barely @winning@ afk player, who does not control map? I have played thousands of handicapped games, with close scores, losing several hundreds of them, nobody of disciples was delusional enough to claim that they play better / or can win Sanchez.

Part 2.

The guy Drejjk together with his dumbass delusional friends, was calling the Great Master Sanchez many times out to play with him Instagib and telling all kind of lies and stupid things.

Just today I got message, that he was badly raped and owned in instagib on his favorite map the Longest Day that he plays for over 20 years by both my students with literally no effort at all.

The competition for first place was between Saeth and Diman.

Apparently Drejjk and his friend were eating diapers and as soon as they got raped, they started swearing and telling rudely to my disciples to leave the server as they are not welcome there.