I'm "relatively new" to quake games compared to many of you who've been playing since quake1.

My Quake background:
-played quake2 solo on N64
-on PC played Q3A against bots, and a couple of times online back in the day especially FFA. It wasn't my main game but I was definitely a fan.
-played a lot of quake4 when in came out especially with quake4max, mostly duels and a bit of TDM and CTF
-played shit tons of quakelive, started with duels but transitioned more to TDM, FFA, and CA
-now playing some quake champions, mostly TDM and Sacrifice

I have QuakeLive and Quake Champions installed, however I do enjoy the older quake games and would like to get them installed and set up again.

My question is simply, which ones still have players and are worth getting/installing? And what patches / mods should I get?

I just got Quake World with the right patch and played a couple of games and really had fun, but there aren't many players...

Quake2 worth getting?
Quake4 worth re-installing? Where can I get all the patches, q4max etc.?
How about Q3A and CPMA?

ps: I'm mostly a ffa / tdm kinda guy, not really duel anymore.

Thanks for your help!