UK Quake 2 Team
- The UK Quake II Team interviewed

Some cool nostalgia in here from LAN Arena 3 in Paris back in 1999. Chatting about practicing vs quality opposition rather than HPBs, BTs shit ISDN, and some other shite.

"At the moment UT seems a lot better than Q3A to me", Shigeru told us. "Although I haven't had the chance to play the new Q3A demotest thing much, I still seem to have trouble actually seeing the other players. Perhaps it's my eyes..."

"UT has a nice pace about it, and has more variation than Q3A, not to mention the ability to fire six rockets at once. I guess I'll end up split between them both, although Q2 will still probably be the game I'll play most. Something like a 50% UT/Q3 and 50% Q2 split."