Sorry for the recent spam guys, but i had a yet another idea of how the armor respawn system could possibly work in a different manner. Before bashing, please take a moment to read. I'm only brainstorming here to keep the game fresh and innovative.

Scrolling back to a major post i made over a year ago here it prompted me to think of something else than the 'armor refill' idea. I basically took the same idea (seeing an armor visually build up, knowing when it will spawn) so you won't be dependent on the hated armor timers anymore, and added a bit extra.

What if the armors would, instead of respawning with a full stack after 25 seconds, build up gradually (every 1 second adds for example 5 armor points) and you can pick it up at any time you like? This would bring a whole new strategy to the table.

An example:

Player A picks up the RA after 10 seconds since previous pickup, which accounts for 10x5=50 red armor points, and then goes on to scout for his opponent. Player B sees the enemy just left the RA room and knows it immediatly respawned, but, starting from 0 again, he knows he can either go to another armor or take the chance to wait as long as he can (and defend it) before picking up the armor again (so it got a maximum charge). Ofcourse there would need to be a cooldown for the player who last picked it up, else he can just stand on top of the armor and gain 5 points every second, abusing the system.

The armors would still keep their tiered absorption rate (green 50% yellow 66% and red 75%) so it would still reward you more if you go for red. Also, the green and yellow could differentiate from the red by having a slower charge time, for example 1 second charges the green with 3 points, and the yellow 4 points.

Let me know if this idea sounds interesting or completely retarded.