Long time ESR lurker, registered just to show this gem to this forum of WinD appreciators (lol):
The other day I was wondering what had happened to my favorite deluded Quaker WinD and decided to check his YT channel...I opened this video on a whim and randomly fast forwarded past Queue footage to see a match. Then I nearly died laughing
Now, cha1n and dramiS are obviously killaz, but 50-5 is the most absurd blowout score I have seen since ranked 2v2 TDM has been introduced. Literally 10 times more frags while also hitting the score limit! Despite being a "former pro" with more stated cash earnings than any other Quake player, WinD's aim, movement and strategy seem to have all somehow gotten worse with time
Also I'm fairly sure the stories he tells his teammate about knowing dramiS and having beat him are bullshit