Hi forum,
I am looking for a small power amplifier for side speakers. The amplifiers should have balanced inputs, with XLR connectors. The AIBBC HF-2050 might be a suitable candidate. Anybody that knows this amp? Actually, I would prefer two monoblocks instead of a two-channel amp, but small ones with balanced inputs are hand to find. Whether it is class A/B or D is not so important, but the sound quality is. By the way, if anyone actually wants to know what Power amplifier is and how it works, I found this is a fantastic guide that explains the whole family of power amplifier: http://www.apogeeweb.net/article/73.html

You know, balanced cables are superior to unbalanced, and I never bay equipment with phono plugs. Yes, I use fairely long cables. But balanced is only superior if done right: the transmitter must have the same output impedance on both lines, and the receiver must have a differential amplifier, also with closely matched input impedances (like an instrumentation amplifier). Otherwise one cannot obtain a high CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio), which is required to suppress interference. A lot of equipment (consumer and semi-pro) with XLR connectors do not satisfy these requirements, so I always try to check before I buy something.

I am willing to try new products. There is both cheap/doggy and very good Chinese product. I have a pair of Xindak mono blocks that I am very happy with (bal inp. of cause) But now I am looking for some decent power amps for side speakers. I am going to use them for ambience with classical music, not ping-pong effects. So I do not need a lot of power. I mostly use pro equipment, so I do not want to mess with phono plugs.

Many thinks guys.