Watch this from the devs before you read what I wrote. Skip to 2:24 if in rush.



I wanted a quick way to get some idea of the character sizes between champs after I feel the relationship between it, health, armour speed is where the fine tuning is needed.

I took a screen shot of each character, from inside the customization menu, zoomed the screen out as far as possible so its on the pantheon, screen shotted it, then I pasted into PS, then cut around the model with lasso and pasted it into its own layer and got the height and width dimensions which are as follows and pretty close and relative/consistent across the board.

NOTE: I did not cut around the weapons, I measured the effective standing pose which I believe is most relevant.

For example, Anarki's width was 647 due to the hover board, but his effective width "middle" was 285. (2nd only to slash)

Visor = w363 x h803
Doom Slayer = w355 x h800
ScaleBearer =w392 x h760
Ranger = w380 x h800
Anarki = w647 x h759 ) (hover board is wide, his "middle" width is 285-ish unlesss the hover board width is overall width, in which case aim for his feet at all times-will update if confirmed)
Nyx = w312 x h790
sorlag = w453 x h780
Clutch = w672 x h754
Galena = w323 x h799
Slash = w282 x h790
BJ = w358 x h828 (yes 828!)
Keel = w395 x h810 (top of turret guns reduce height by 10 if head)

I'm not sure how much use this is, but I decided to do it anyway just in case its of use and its been something I wanted to do for ages.

I might add to this if more things come along, or someone adds something important.

ATM I am not sure how the characters hit box is represented as there isn't any debugging to see the advanced stuff, but there is obviously a link between the above dimensions and the hit box size. *UPDATE* https://youtu.be/QEgY7fckfoU

If they are using a single capsule/rectangle hit box, that should make the WIDTH and HEIGHT values very relevant. If they use actual body dimensions, that might need a closer look.

Feel free to add anything related...