Tim Willits has sales Data Base. He can see what Champions have a low sales. For example Clutch has low sales, Nyx - normal sales.

How he can sell his Clutch?

Yeeee! ...new patches!

He can make some Champions super strong!

So, what about Champions balance?

For example, you are happy with patch(you noob). And you have Clutch. Everything ok? Yes, until next patch! On the next patch your Clutch will be nerfed. And you must buy another imba Champion!

But you smart, and you have bought a whole game in Steam with all Champions. Alright, noob! There are many players who has not bought whole game , and for those players Tim will continue to make unbalanced patches.

Forever unbalanced game! You all must play imba Champions which you don't like! Look at proplayers pick's from patch to patch (all time imba champions). Raisy and Cypher? Raisy - Clutch and Sorlag, Cypher with Slash! gg wp Cypher!

And they can't stop to sell Champions one by one. That's the problem!

Control question:

You still waiting for champions balance? Or may be you want to buy a whole game? :)