Reflex Monthly Cups has announced that a new ruleset initiative for community feedback and testing will be conducted next month. Therefore the fourth rotation of the Reflex Arena Monthly Cups will be slightly delayed. It will be played on the CR2 ruleset this April. On top of that, there will also be three others tournaments : a 2v2 tournament and two duel cups for both Oceania and East Asia regions. As always, players of any skill level and any region are welcome and encouraged to compete in every cup. Each of them is limited to 32 participants, so register early!
Complete information concerning the new ruleset initiative can be found here.
Find below all the important details for these five incoming tournaments.

United States of America Canada Reflex Monthly Cup NA#4 : United States of America Canada

Europe Europe Reflex Monthly Cup EU#4 : Europe Europe

Europe Europe Custom Ruleset 2 2v2 Tournament : Europe Europe

Japan Korea (Republic of) Custom Ruleset 2 Duel Tournament [JP] : Japan Korea (Republic of)

Australia New Zealand Custom Ruleset 2 Duel Tournament [AU] : Australia New Zealand

For complete information about the tournaments, please visit :