Dogspeed my good soldiers,

I'll give you my word, this warlock bets a 1000%, people who known me from ingame know by now my promises are golden. I'm currenty trying to build a platform to solve most of the AFPS problems we are currently facing. For this I need a partner in crime who is also passionate about AFPS (aka basically only Quake) but the platform will also be used for other games with a small competative scene.

I'm looking for a person located in the Netherlands who can build a nice professional looking website/application that is secure, has payment options and steam integration to link a steamaccount to a useraccount on our platform.

If you are this light in my life - or you know someone who might like to help - let me know and then I'll get more into detail to see how we can get this into the battlefield.

If youre winning Ill hear from you, trolls need not apply, bye x