Hi all, I thought that maybe someone would be interested in this translation, because there was no English stream, and also no translation from Russian, so I did my best, hope you like it, sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language, I just learnt it from games, movies and books, lol :)

you can watch interview here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/162874053 (starts at 4:22:40)

Poloastiy (P) talks with Cooller (C) after final match which, unfortunately, was played BO1, because the mall where tournament took place was closing and they didn't have time to play full BO3 Grand Final.

P - Cooller, congratulations

C - Hi all again (he said hi already when commented Nitrino - evil match with base)

P - Well…

C - Well, what?

P - Congrats with another championship (shakes Cooller's hand). Agree that after first map of WB finals and first two rounds on ZTN, I don’t know…

C - A miracle happened! I don't know… (Polos indicates to look at webcam) Where?

P - Look at the webcam

C - (looks where he was told to) I said already, that match with Cypher in costs of my powers is comparable with that Qcon'11 match, when we played at finals and the game was super intense and I lost it, well now we played something like that in WB finals. The thing is, me and Cypher didn't meet each other on tournaments before (QC-wise, I think), and the game was first and it was matter of principle, as said "who has the longest…" (dick)


C - So we both were sweating hardly just to prove everyone and ourselves, who is the best. Definitely, the game was close, agree? Cyphers skill is off scale, I was not bad too. Well, the main thing I got from this that both me and Cypher are trending now . It’s important for us - to understand that we can, that we are oldschool, but at the same time we are trendsetters.

P - Well, you are more oldschool…

C - I am that… how to say… that old guy with glasses modeller…

P - fazz?

C - No, modeller (laughs)

P - I don’t know…

*Cooller being congratulated and shakes hands*

P - I'm interested, what did you feel at ZTN after two lost rounds and Cypher typing GG in chat? You answered him something, right?

C - What to say… I had a thought "Hey, dude, don’t be too quick! I am in deep shit right now, but as they say "the chicken is in the nest"". And the chicken came out of nest and left an egg. You know when someone rubs his hands already and relaxes, usually it comes to Murphy's law, destiny plays bad tricks at him when he at the hair's width from victory, he thinks "I win", and it's a mistake. Well, technically I tried to play my game and at some point I've got second breath and I started to shoot well. You know, I had long breaks between games

P - Yeah

C - And I wasn’t in my shape in shooting, jumping, etc. Definitely, only at the end of ZTN I started to show my true skill… Any more questions?

P - I think no, it was very hard day

C - Also, taking this opportunity, I want to say… First, where all that smart asses who call me pensioner, an old man? That's first… well, and thatt's a second also.

P - Yeah, Anton. Well, really for me…

C - What about my reactions? I don’t know, I think when I will be fifty, I will be playing hard. I have some sort of mission - to prove some point to people. We have Zeus, who is 29 and plays really cool, we have virtus.pro CS team where everyone near their thirties and the are trendsetters. They not just playing on the same level with young guys, the are teaching them, show them how to play, like "Guys, if you use our play, work it somehow, some micro moments, you can get an advantage"

P - I remember first 125 FPS CUP, when you played Toxic and it was really…

C - Oh, yeah, want a joke? I am pensioner, but fuck, I get paid twenty fucking times more than some ordinary pensioner

P - Well, I think we can stop at this… Grats, it was a hard day..

C - Thank you, Polos. By the way, guys, huge respect to Polos, he was streaming this thing all day long SOLO for you!

P - Someone wrote in comments during finals "what a dull commentator"

C - I often watch streams, and that people who say shit to Polos, like he is bad commentator, call 4CE, or Shadich, guys, that’s not how things done… He works format he comfortable with, and he works for you first of all, so pay some respect for his hard work, please. It doesn’t matter how good he is, how he choses his words etc., just respect what you have, that’s all.

P - Yeah, thanks all…

C - Wish everyone happiness and health…

P - Prizepool of 300k rubles… Nitrino, say hi everybody

Nitrino - HI EVERYBODY! Sorry I wasn’t in frame for long

P - It was a hard day. *Cooller fills the screen with his jacket's NaVi logo* Anton… Well, I'm off, that was cool.