Legendary Quake player and former Overwatch pro Alexey "Cypher" Yanushevsky was signed by Virtus.pro. After being courted by numerous organizations, the 27 year old Belarusian chose the Russian organization citing his desire to stay in Minsk.

On the one year contract, Virtus.pro General Manager Roman Dvoryankin said "The contract’s fairly long duration will allow Alexey to feel confident and immerse himself fully in the game. We have signed one of the best players in the world and are now positive that we can maintain a serious and long-term presence in this discipline."

Cypher first found success in Quake III, signing to Fnatic at age 16. He is a four-time QuakeCon champion and has won numerous titles at ESWC, Dreamhack and more. He remained active in the Quake 4 and QuakeLive scenes until taking a year-long hiatus from esports in 2014.

He is the first player to win a Quake Champions tournament, taking first over Pelle "fazz" Söderman in the 125 FPS Sunday Cup #83.

The former champion dabbled in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and found moderate success in Overwatch with fellow Quaker Shane "Rapha" Hendrixson under team ANOX.

In a recent interview at Cybersport, Cypher revealed that he doesn't practice with other pro players and shared his thought process on champion selection.

Cypher will represent Virtus.pro at QuakeCon.