Fixed an issue where the Tri-bolt icon was missing from the fraglist
Fixed an issue where Scalebearerís death log ability icon was missing
Fixed skippable photosensitivity warning

Custom Game:

Fixed an issue that would cause spectators to become stuck on the lobby screen if a new match is started before the Spectator transitions out of the previous match.
Fixed an issue where players would not receive challenges progression in a Custom Game


Fixed an issue where the spectator would see mismatched player outlines


Ping will no longer correlate with FPS, which will now display the true ping value
Additional heat map stats added
Fixed an issue relating to the Tri-bolt bloom effect in outdoor areas
Swear filter temporarily disabled (we know, itís way too f***ing strict)


Fixed a crash that could occur during Sacrifice mode if throwing the soul and using oneís ability at the same time


Increased explosion delay to 250ms
Increase projectile speed +10m/s
Minimum splash damage is set to 5dmg

BJ Blazkowicz:
Slow firing weapons (RL, RG, SG, TB) now at 1.5x
Reduced rate of fire to 1.25x for high rate of fire weapons (Gauntlet, Machinegun, Nailgun, Heavy Machinegun, Super Nailgun, and Lightning Gun)

Round limit upped to 60 mins

Warmup is set to 40 seconds

Known Issues

Incorrect ping may appear in second round
Spectator in fly camera wonít see splash screen between rounds
Window resize can break spectators HUD