Was thinking about how duel feels so short, without natural flow and with few frags so how about:

First of all, keep the “rounds” and keep the 3 champions pick, but instead of calling the rounds “rounds”, call them “half’s”. Each half is not based on a fraglimit but a time limit instead (I imagine 5 minutes is a fitting length). When the first half is over, the leading player is not awarded a point, but rather keeps his frags, much like in many sports, you aren’t playing to win the half, but to have most goals/points after both half’s/every period.

The 2nd half starts with the two players changing initial-spawn (either make them have each others spawn from first half, or make it random on the same part/side of the map). The winner is the player with most frags after 2nd half. In case of a tie, a 3rd round/period is played (2-5 minutes) and if this is also tie sudden death or overtime (from quake live) comes into effect.

When a player dies during the half’s/periods he is not forced to change champions but is rather giving the choice to do so. Much like in fighting games competition where a losing player is allowed to change character in between sets. That way the game feels less annoying for the losing player, since he is awarded a choice instead of being forced to do something he might not want to, but it also provides more tactical thought regarding the champions-aspect (something I assume was one of the reasons id/Bethesda chose to go with champions in the first place).

This rule set will feel more in tune with the original quake feel, with the champions aspect well-implemented, at the same time as it is protecting a losing player by:

1) Only having to 'endure' 5 minutes before he gets a “break” where the enemy’s map control is broken and where he can gather thoughts/composure, in case of being dominated.

2) Giving him an advantage in being able to select champions based on the enemy’s pick/playing style

This system ensures that the core gameplay still feels quakeish, while making use of the champions in an well-integrated manner, while simultaneous​ly providing the losing players with options and help.

Somebody get this to Syncerror. This shit is money! \o/