Name: sofiene
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I rarely post in Esreality, especially in the " Column" section, you guys might know me as the one who loves Quake 2 or the one who got invited to DreamHack but didnt go or smth... but anyway, i dont have much time to type all of this since am off to the Clinic.

Basicly, today can be my last day alive, the main reason is : i have a f***ed up back, my back is really screwed and i was not able to walk for almost a year now ( all i can do is walk for 5 meters or so, that's my maximum ).

And i have been in severe pain for years, i have 3 herniated discs ( which made me feel alot of pain in a single leg ) and i have an another condition in the bones of my back ( which made me have severe pain in both legs and the lower back parts ).

I went to many docs over the years and each one gave me painkillers and asked me to do some treatements etc... but over the years, my condition has gotten worse and worse, from being able to go to school and play Foot-ball ( soccer ) to barely able to go from a room to an another ( my current condition ).

The latest doc i been to checked my medical files and gave me treatments as well but neither did work, she was going to start injecting me with cortizon ( to at least make the herniated discs less painful ) but she said that it is useless, the main problem is not the herniated discs, its my whole back, it kinda needs to be " re-build " ( no its not scoliosis ).

I went to the hospital and they told me that they will do the surgery, i kept waiting for more than a month and i just couldnt take it anymore, since i sleep only 2 hours a day due to severe pain, and i went to the hospital and the surgeon just looked at me and said " you can move your legs right ? then you are fine, i cant do anything to you " which just freaking pissed me off !!!

Went to an another surgeon, he is a famous one, he checked my files and said that my condition is bad indeed, and the surgery is not that simple, even if i travel to europe or other countries, there is no" new technology " that will make it easier.....he said that i might end up in a wheel-chair or "fragged"....and in case i come out alive, my recovery time will take 6 months.

He did his study of my case and my surgery is due to Saturday morning.

Am not scared or anything, actually, am happy that i will do this surgery, the pain is so freaking HUGE ! seriously, its so strong, both legs and lower back, and the thing is, it lasts 24/7 , everyday every night every freaking hour ! the pain is so strong and annoying and painkillers do not work anymore, seriously, i dont know how to describe it but its like, my legs are getting ripped apart over and over again for the whole day and the whole night, and you cannot get used to the pain ! never ever !!

I was planning to go to Quake-con this year, for the Quake 2 anniversary tournament ! ( if it happens ofc, they didnt announce anything.... cmon ! you made one for Quake 1, make one for Quake 2 too ! :( ) and i was going to get a new PC in order to be ready for Quake Champions... but yeh, all my savings are gone now, thx body, gege lol

Anyway, i hope my surgery will go well, if so, ill probably pop-up in here after 2 or 3 months from now, if not, well heh make a fragmovie or smth about me lol but yeh, hope it works.

And i hope they make a Quake 2 20th Anniversary Tournament at Quake-Con this year, if i cannot attend due to recovery or to death, at least make a last Quake 2 tournament at Quake-con ! :)

And i hope Quake Champions will be awesome ( make smth related to q2 in it plz, and hope its not an another q2dm1 remake ) make a grunt champion or smth.

Biggest love to the whole Quake 2 community, you guys are the best ppl ever ! play more q2, its awesome :)

Anyway, got to go now, hope that i will see you guys in few months :)