I'm running a frag contest ($150 total prize money) as a promotion for a game I'm working on (INSIGHT). I'm looking to get a variety of submissions from different games that have influenced and inspired the development (eg. primarily arena FPSs) so that I can turn it into a frag compilation video (including the winners).

*Note: I was told I posted this in the wrong subforum, so I have deleted and re-submitted here*

This is a "best frag scene" contest, with $150 prize money split between the top 3 entries.

There have been a lot of CSGO entries so far, and I would like to see some more arena entries (quake, reflex, xonotic, etc). The minimum number of entries has now been reached so the full prize money will be given out.

There's no entry cost, all you need to do is submit a youtube URL of your frag with the settings mentioned in the contest description.

It's being independently judged by the mods of r/arenafps, and simply based on subjectively the best / most entertaining frag scene.

Here's the promo vid:

And a link to the contest page with rules and submission form:

FPS Showdown

Looking forward to any submissions!