Hi guys, i come from quake 3 1.16n and been playing it for quite some time. But now when i come to quake live, the mouse and everything feels different. The rails which i would hit easily in quake 3 i am no longer able to hit in quake live.

For some reason, the mouse seems to move slowly. I have the same cm/360 for both games, but it "feels" much faster in quake 3 compared to quake live. For example, when i try to do a 180 turn i can do it freely in quake 3 but it seems like i get stopped at about 120 degrees in quake live, for the same cm/360

I have heard that it has something to do with fov and screen size. My mouseaccel is 0 in q3, sensitivity is 5, fov 90 and screen size is 640x480. Can u suggest me settings to get close to the q3 feel? I really wanna do well in ql like i did inn q3.

Kindly give me reason as to why that could be? it has affected my flicking in a great way. Hopefully i can get an answer so that i can do great in QL too :p
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