I'm somewhat new to Quake and mostly play PQL CA because it's what I enjoy.

Facts: I almost always play at 45 or 60 ping. I care about consistency/responsiveness the most. Lowest possible input delay and highest possible registration consistency. Also on 144hz so it's not 60hz and PQL physics causing jittering/warping.

To the point I want to know if there are any known best or standard network settings for things like cl_timenudge etc..? I was running -20tn, but went to -10 to see if it's fix the warping/jittering.

There are quite a few players who are more warpy/jittery than the rest and often registry of shots is inconsistent feeling. So if anyone could recommend settings to try that's be great.


Aim practice methods that preferably don't require players as I can't find anyone who'll practice LG or something for 1 game, much less an hour or so at a time.

So how much could bots help and what settings/bot is best to use/has the most extreme movement. Also is there a command to change the game movement speed/physics to mimic PQL?

I tried using god;g_infiniteammo;g_startinghealth 999;g_knockback 0 and using nightmare Keel with thinktime 0 on Drunken Mumnmy. If I sit in a corner I average 58-61% LG doing this with just mouse aim.


My current .cfg I came up with: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/opoqduxlmhiwfvd/AA...F6Awa?dl=0

Sens: Using 400DPI @ 3.75 sens ingame and 0 accel nets 30cm/360 with in_mouse default.

Thanks for anyone who takes time to help. I've looked into most of these questions but didn't really find what I was looking for.