hello world

   I made a fork from Cyrax's quake3e engine.
It includes a couple of bugfixes by qrealka, CPMA color codes (thanks qrealka and Cyrax) and some my tweaks.
Also, unlike on Terrifire's fork TQ3 there is working curl(fast in-game maps downloading like in Defrag).

 Some crucial changes:

-renamed com_maxfps to com_haxfps - allows you to play on desirable fps values

-default startup game is CPMA

-disabled config autowriting to prevent config desecration

-disabled default.cfg execution to prevent r_mode override

-added some resolution modes (r_mode / r_modeFullscreen), type /modelist for view
-added m_cnq3 command for cnq3 mouse code, it feels the same so it's kinda placebo. cnq3 1.46 feels different cause it handles input differently

-added cl_mouseAccelLimit for m_cnq3 1, cl_mouseAccelStyle|Offset|Power doesn't work with m_cnq3 and vice versa

-added r_neatsky command, it prevents sky picmiping
-working cnq3 dynamic light, thanks to Cyrax and myT

 Known issues:
-pause doesn't work while demo playing
-recorded demos have .dm71 extension

 UPD: 11.10.16
 upstream to q3e 20161010 version, dlight, neat shader sky, disabled fs_steampath autodetect, added linux binaries
 seems that there is no more reasons to release new builds )