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Just ignore the author and read the content as it is.

Despite not playing quake anymore, i still come on esr. I tend to read anything with ql next to it. Then some random shit.
To be honest, some content used to be genuine, but now its just awful.

Right now, there is a guy asking for a csgo hud in quake, drejk drama and someone asking about recording someon else's pov. Like how many times has that been answered.
Oh also, that UK lan. Phh actually its not worth talking about it. (Rescheduled to April 2017, honestly... Whos going to be playing quake then?)

I wish i stopped quake years back, times when bpatela and laskiy were around. The game has been declining ever since. Dont get me wrong, i do feel sad about quake. I miss the old days. Even before faceit. Its hard to just leave it behind.

Nevertheless, the latest "hot" drama. A 38 year old man with a family acting like a absolute retard, why is he even being like this? Drama for more views, attention? Being realistic, i dont think i was this bad. If i was, i apologise to all. At least i was a kid then. Whats drejks excuse? Still remember when he aborted my game v him on cure... Ughhh hes not even that great there.

Esr itself is fading, the only people left are the ones who have been here from the start. You know who you are! These guys will never go. They await the new era of players! I do hope they come to you! As well, the irc channels. I would be suprised if more then half of the average amount are still in them by 6 months. What happened to lam as well? What happened with the Prague lans? I really enjoyed that lan. Have 102.Deliberate Murder to thank for the recordings, its appreciated.

This is a column, a place for opinions. These were mine. As i said at the start, ignore author and just actually think of the state of this community now. You're all gaining entertainment from a attention seeking 38 year old man and a cheater.

If you did read all this, i appreciate it. Not like theres anything else half decent being posted.

I did try and turn my life around. But it was denied by this very community.
By the way, where are people such as koziol? Oh, having mentioned him, i only found out about zoot being completely finished with quake from flair on his stream. To be honest its a rare occasion i went on his streams. Lucky i found that out. But yh, shame he said he would be back on zlive to cast and he just needed some temporary casters while he does work? Just an excuse to run and hideaway. Were the feirce comments in the quakecon threads too much for you to handle?
And yeah, i stopped watching zlive when he left. Sphuld annoys the fuck out of me. Why is he the main guy? Most disgusting voice and most monotone casting. What happened to enjoyka? She realised it was not worth it and would gain absolutly nothing from it?! Zoot and ins will always be the greatest duo, even if you guys didnt like me. I loved the streams. Remember the config porn and sub events ;( all good things come to an end.

// this is not done, but ill finish another time and edit stuff. Im still on probation.