Last time #spontanctf had a pickup running it wasn't even in this decade. Hopefully things are about to change as #spontanctf is being revived by a few enthusiastic individuals that just refuse to accept the current state of CTF scene in Quake Live. Let's face it, CTF is dead as it gets. There's mods that are being played and then there's CTF. Things are unlikely to change but you can always try and do your best and hopefully something good comes out of it.

Hopefully all you guys that used to play CTF pickups will give it another shot, along with the people who never played a pickup and just stuck to the pubs. Something can be done, CTF can gain some momentum and while it never will be as big as it was in early days of QL, it can still become an active scene in QL terms.


Can't wait to see you in #spontanctf!

~ GL HF ~

Links: mIRC #spontanctf