I've posted some Aerowalk videos here on various threads recently, QL, CPM, QW etc..and there's a reason for that. I've been cooking up a mini series about RA jumps on Aerowalk in different games. Basically, I've gone through every game that I could think of or find, that has 1. a port/remake of Aerowalk 2. challenging/different enough movement 3. preferably players that play it enough to appreciate the video. 4. If nobody plays it then fuck you, I'll do it for the sake of doing it anyway. Why did I do this? For personal fun, I'm enthusiastic about movement tricks and because I'm bored. Also, since Aerowalk is pretty much everywhere the RA jump is a good place for reference, everyone knows Aerowalk and everyone knows what's up. It's a place if any to show what a game can do in a familiar land.


Sit back and enjoy the playlist and if you're curious about just one game in particular, you can skip right to it and ignore the rest.

I apologize in advance about the wonkyness of Q4 and D3 videos, when it comes to avidemo features, iD tech 4 is a fucking disaster.

I'm always up for challenges and suggestions, as well as adding new videos of future games with future ports of Aerowalk. :))) Also, if someone could, please do a remake of Aerowalk in Painkiller, that would be very tits.