is there any way to be stable with high accel?

the definition of high accel in this thread = 0.5+ if you use 400dpi. mine is currently around 1.0

i know accel tends to make your aim unstable, but after a few months of using accel, i can aim consistently with low-mid accel ( 0.1-0.2 at 400dpi if sensi is between 3 and 4)

the thing about high accel is, you can do everything with your wrist only. everything can be done instantly, and precisely with the combination of low sensi + high accel.
it allows you to play super aggressively and still hit most of those shots.
weirdest angle flick rail / air rocket,
keep tracking with lg for more than 360 degree,
no problem.

BUT for me, it requires a lot of hours to make me warmed up every day (to be fully warmed up, it takes around 3-4 hours every night lol, I dont think it is worth especially when i have fulltimejob.)

the followings are what I have tried so far, but none of them worked well.

1. played with the same settings for 2+ weeks. (didint work. every day it feels different. so every day it took me 3-4 hours to get warmed up)

2. highered accel value to the point that I can do everything including 720+ degree turn only with wrist. (my purpose here was, by allowing my wrist to do everything, I tried to limit how I move my mouse so It was gonna help me to be more stable. but nah)

3. every day when you start playing, make a small swing with your wrist only, and adjust the accel value to the point where that swing makes you consistently turn 180. (this was the most effective one i found so far

4. use heavier mouse (i thought heavier mouses could make it more stable than light ones. so far it has not worked.)

5. try to keep my wrist relaxed (if you move your mouse in the same way every day, that means your aim can be stable even with super high accel. i think this is the best solution for the topic. but it is hard.)

I know there is not many people that use 0.5+ or 1.0 accel.
but if you are the one,
do you have any solutions to make it stable except turning off/ lowering the accel?
or the way to hugely reduce the warm up time?