I though i would post this before the last update release :

Game is lacking a very important feature, players with less than 100 games played should always be warned when they join unranked or T4 servers that they are gonna face very skilled opponents. That and a queue system so that if a server is team size 4 and it is actualy 3v3 you are in queue until 8th join and click Join a team. Otherwise the 7th join the game and usualy get kicked.

Game is incredibly unfriendly to new players.

e: I have to say I am a bit worried about the informations people gave here in this thread, especialy the abandon of tiers and master server to collect stats as this will be terrible for Team modes. You name it namely CA but also the other team modes ofc.

I think some people (a lot?) wanted a ladder, the abandon of master server collecting stats and so the abandon of shuffle is going the opposite wait I think.