Can anyone help me out with this. I recently decided to change to steam, using the same config (accel m_cpi etc - m_cpi 1800 sens 10 accel 0.02)

But the sens in steam is 10x higher than the standalone version. Not just the sens, the accel is much more pronounced as well. So even if I lower the sens to 3 or 4, I have to lower the accel to something like 0.001 to get it to feel similar.

Anybody know about this? thx

using windows 10 and a razer aby 2014. default windows drivers.

UPDATE 4/10/15

It was just windows 10. I clean installed Win 8.1 again and the issue is gone. So many times I though I'd solved it, I thought it was my monitors etc, turns out it was just windows.

Also nothing steam related.