1)How do you get this crosshair that I see in so many vods on youtube: https://youtu.be/gTVvHox7B90?t=6m57s (It's like drawcrosshair 2 only with longer thinner bars!)

2)If using a custom HUD based crosshair is there a way to get it to show the crosshair when spectating?

3)Is there a way to use different HUD based crosshairs for different weapons?

4)Is there a way to get cg_crosshairHitStyle effect on a HUD based crosshair? (turn crosshair red when scoring a hit)

5)Do most players use cg_simpleItems 1 or 0? Is there any advantage to either?

6)How do you get enemy names over their heads? (People will be like "kill so and so first" and I'm like ... how do I know which enemy he is?!)

7)Do people use cg_truelightning 1.0 on LAN?

8)cg_lightningImpact 1 or 0? cg_lightningImpactCap?

Thanks for the help :) P.S. I'm going to QuakeCon this year just for fun and to watch the matches :)