I'd like to get some feedback on some Wolfcam graphics for a frag video. I have uploaded a test video on youtube:


Somenotes: I'm using wolfcam. Yes the greyscale map is on purpose, reason is 1. I like it, distinctive and 2. it's practical because player models stand out. Also - I'd like to increase the font size slightly for the 'fragged by' message but can't find the cvar. Anyone know? =)
Fov is 100.

Full critique is appreciated. I'll take anyone's advice and try and make the graphics suitable as possible. Also when it comes to bob / knockback etc, do movie makers like wntt (singularity/moopoint) have that on etc?

Edit: one more thing. Any advice on copyrighted music on YouTube? All gaming movie makers seem to get away with this but one of my old frag movies got removed & even after appealing it and adding fair use statements they still wouldn't allow it. I don't want to have this happen again so any advice much appreciated.


edit: Changes as if 18/04 - - - - - - - - - - -
* Made team models redish/maroon colour as suggested by phylum
* Increased 'fragged by' message slightly
* verdict still out for B&W, I'll wait for more feedback

edit: I've disabled the greyscale & gone with a more standard look. I also lowered the bloom a lot.
I have started working on my project now, so won't be needing any more advice. Thanks for peoples input. Stay tuned.