It is with heavy heart, we are sad to find that one of our very regular and beloved north-american quakers, United States of America Sam "EVOL" Meacham has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to friends and family.

Rest In Peace EVOL

A fund for his family (his wife and 3 adorable kids) is online at gofundm/Meacham-Family. Please consider donating.

Original post by user Vig1lante:
Possibly one of the better FFA/CA players i've encountered most of the time. always had a chill attitude, use to make youtube videos of himself playing quake (hence why i got somewhat better in duel.) And he always had a good time. had a really awesome Quake tattoo. Thank you for the frags and you kicking everybody's ass (including communist316) Evol you will be greatly missed.

Source: Official Quake live forums