hi decent duelers,

i have been improving my aim slowly for these months/years, and a lot of times it's better than my opponent.
so now i want to improve my duel strategy.
recently my elo is between shitty 1650-1850.
i played 2050 elo guy on ztn last night.

can you guys give me some basic tips to make my games closer against 2000 elo players?

here is a sample of my game against 2000 elo dueler

and here's what i was thinking
0:00 i spawned with rl, he spawned with mega, so i decided to chase him until he dies even if i kill him after his red

0:20 omg moment. i didnt have any idea other than hoping my rocket hits.

0:27 i spawned with lg. i knew he was low so decided to go out and finish him then get mega, and red to get control

0:38 he missed his rj, so i deciided to do max dmg before he goes through tele, then im gonna get mega while i make sure he doesnt steal red

0:43 i killed him so im gonna get mega then red. but for unknow reason after i got mega, i ididiint go to red. big mistake 1.

1:09 i am at gl he is at rg. i did not time items so i dont know which of red or mega will spawn first.

1:28 idk why i didint go to red after mega, and idk why i started playinig defensiively.

1:43 my rl was shitty so he killed me. rl spawn. im gonna do some dmg at red coz he is low.

1:55 but he killed me again. again rl spawn. this timie im gonna get him at mega. he didint show up so ii got mega. he is probably in pg room. im gonna get lg. i heard him at red. so i am gonna play safely to collect armors then capitalize his mistake to get control back.

2:37 so he got red and mega. but i have 150 100. i thought stack difference was about 100. my lg is not bad so i tried to make him rush then finish him with my lg. but his rl got me again.

2:47 he is in pg room then will be at red. so im gonna get rl and lg then play defensiively again

3:02 he is at mega. iim gonna keep throwing nades until i hear the hitbeep sound whiich means its the time he gets mega. if he rjs, then im gonna pin with lg. but he went to tele so im gonna wait to hear what he is gonna do.

3:15 he rushed me so i droppped down and got mega. but i took 1 rail which made me think about playiinig defensiively again. but i decided to do dmg at red wiiith my lg then quiickly get one of YAs but he hit another rail. now all i am tryiinig to do is surviving and get stacked

3:30 i had a feeliing that he was waiting for me to go through tele so i waited for him to come, then run through tele.

3:42 i just hit some ddefensive rockets. he died, but im low. so i am gonna play carefully until i get some health and armors. i ithiink i should have attacked hiim when he rushed me with pg.

4:10 i thought he rj'ed to red when i iheard his footstep. i shot rl to red and realiized he didn't. i didint want to get caught at mega so run.

4:14 i was gonna hide behind tele exit to hit 100% lg but he telefraged me lol. lg spawn. i was gonna try to play dddefensively again to get some armors but he chased me at rl. it was a chance to do good dmg at stairs so i did maxiimum dmg and died, then i am gonna steal one of the major items, or frag him

4:39 ok ii got mega, im gonna catch himi and kill him now,.

5:05 i kiiilled hiim but my lg was shit. im gonna get red and 2 25 bubbles. but not sure about mega.

5:20 he got mega so im gonna try to get health and armors defensively, but he killed me at stairs again.i expect him to jump down but didnt expect him to rush with lg.

5:50 again i will try to get health, armor defensively while trying to find some damage safely

6:35 even i did good dmg, i am low + dont know mega or red time. im gonna keep playing defensively while trying to make him misthink where i am.

7:50 luckily mega spawnedd but i was focusing too much about his red piickupp sound so didnt realize mega spawned.

after 8:00 rest of the game is basically the same defensive play

1 thing i know about myself is, i tend to be too defensive and cannot show up to do dmg at major items. that allows my opponent to keep being in control whiile i dont know even times for major items. when they dont catch me til i get 100 200, i can frag them when they rush. but otherwise i dont usually make good comeback against them.

do i respect them too much?
i feel like i need to find some damages while i collect health and armors.
should i take some risks and go out to do damages?

thanks for your advises.