cg_itemTimers (new Sept)
0 to disable timer pies.

cg_flagPOIs (new Sept)
0 to disable flag POIs.

0 off
1 all
2 major items only.

1 damage colours that fade from bright white to dark red gradually from damage 1 to 100
2 damage colours (colour matches crosshairhitstyle 1 colours),
3 it matches the weapon icon colours.

The three settings from the advanced game menu give :
all set:
cg_damagePlum "g mg sg gl rl lg rg pg bfg gh cg ng pl hmg"

or for just AoE (area of effect) it's set to
cg_damagePlum "sg gl rl pg bfg"

or off:
clearcvar cg_damagePlum

obviously you can tailor it to be for any weapons you like by editing out what you don't want from the list above

"cg_simpleItemsBob", "cg_damagePlum" may not autocomplete in the console at first until they're set but these are correct, it's 'plum' not 'plums'.

0 disables hold +moveup to keep hopping
1 default.
It's pretty much unoticable if you're used to QL movement, but you may want to use this to force autohop off on your client.

0 off
1 hidden when not looking through a wall
2 default, see through walls.

/bind x "weapon 14"
The Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)

/bind x "weapon toggle"
Swap between primary and secondary loadout weapon.
It always goes to primary first from any other weapon, unless you're already on primary then it swaps to secondary as you'd expect.
You can't direct bind secondary, you can only double tap the toggle key but doing this won't give two weapon changes, it will go straight to secondary.
You can hack a bind to secondary bind x "weapon toggle;weapon toggle" but this will not work if you're on your primary weapon.

It's not new, but it is now allowed on all default severs, with a 1 second spawn penalty.

seta wp "rl"
seta ws "sg"
The loadout menu sets these, or you can currently script it your self to control your weapon primary, and weapon secondary, then you need to /kill to receive them.

all of these are in the in game menus, except for the autohop option

New for HUD files:
widescreen 0

As far as I'm aware that's all that was added, I'll edit this post if any more come up.

Bonus - how to convert old custom maps
quakelivedec old.pk3 old.pk3

respond yes when it asks about overwriting as you gave the output file the same name as the input. Done, no need to mess about with zip applications or even renaming.
Check the file is still write only though or the launcher will delete it.
The C source is ANSI C and will build and run under linux GCC fine, you don't have to mess about trying to run the included Windows exe if you're using linux.

Play Classic or Turbo in practice
\ruleset 1

2 is turbo
3 is the new one

I'm betting the bots are woeful in Turbo though. lol.