Hi guys,

i was reading a lot about the upcomming changes and was thinking a lot and i dislike them a lot as well.

I was wondering how hard can it be to programm an working match-making system and why they dont put effort into it? So i was sitting down here like 3 hours and made this:


Its using qlranks ELO to find the best possible match for you.

Check it out, ofc it sucks because its 3rd party and u cant directly join a server per click. BUT i think if they would display something like his in their offical serverbrowser it would be a lot easier to find balanced matches. And if I can do this in 3 hours, they could do as well. They could even use some more hours and put their own elo counter into it to be independent.

ofc Match Making for Teammodes is a bit harder, but why cant they just make it work. I mean they code this new shit since 2 month and dont have 2 days time to programm an match making system - which definitely would help to grow the playerbase a lot more than just simplify the game and piss off most of its existing playerbase.

What do you think?