so my quake live pro gamers,. lets have a shot at something nobody cant answer, the jump pad trick in pro game duel matches.

first of all,

when you step on the jumppad and on the upper corner when you get elevated, and you press jump, you have no airtime and you are faster on the plattform, check?!

in ca its common, on t3 its cool and on t4 its a must, coze if you know hey i step on the jumppad and have that 1-2 seconds airtime im fresh meat with RAIL and or LG, check?!

long time since now i noticed that no pro is doing this kinda trick.

i allready asked some real skilled dudes in my Friendlist, most telling me pros dont knowthis trick, or they to lazy, but comon dudes, its progaming. they dont know this ? olo

and as i said, if u stepo on the jumppad and get elevated and press jump on the floorcorner you :

1. reduces airtime (airtime is deadly, if you know the enemy is near you and you in the air is easy to hit, almost a 99% chance)
2. you are way faster on the item.

so dudes pls tell me whats the reason why pro gamer dont do that trick, it has absolutly no negatives by doin it

PS: i almost watch all pro gamer duels, and i always notice it that they get hit by a slug or get shafted in the air like victims...some get killed in the air...and in pro games every health and frag counts. so i absolutly dont get it why NO progamer does that kinda trick.,