The idea of this thread is to propose minor improvements for QuakeLive and to bring bugs to the attention of SinkError, as by nature they should not require a lot of work to implement or fix. Large scale changes or new features that would require a substantial amount of work are not what this thread is about.

I'll get the ball a-rollin', feel free to contribute and I'll update OP accordingly, and scratch off the ones that get fixed / implemented.

Commands / Console / Chat

- Remove obsolete cvars

- The console should be enabled by default.

- The "/timeout", "/timein" and "/pause" commands should be recognizable and autocompletable in the console.

- An "/invite" command would be welcome to invite players directly from the console, who aren't necessarily on your friendlist.

- A "/ping" command would be welcome to show the current pings for all server locations.

- Add an option to disable in-game messages that are sent by friends from the browser chat,

- "Disconnected: 17 ConnUserDisconnected", what does this mean?

- Add an option to disable the in-game "friend is online/offline" notification messages.

- Show the location of the server you are connecting to in the actual connection screen.

- Make black font consistent across all the QL platform.

- Console messages such as "invalid password" and "waiting for authentication" should be added each time to a new console line instead of being stringed together without any spaces.

- The console history should go back a lot further. Currently, with all the system log messages when switching to another map, most (if not all) of the previous map's console log is lost. This can provide vital information such as map-picks and much needed drama. There could be an option to filter out everything except for chat messages and the output from one's own commands. An additional feature could be an option to autosave all console logs in text file format.

- Take advantage of the /players command to display more details

Map Bugs

- There are many instances on almost every map of Simple Items that feature an incorrect z-index, meaning that more distant items can sometimes overlap less distant ones (Image).

- On Blood Run, there is a clipping issue in the lower YA room, on the ledge above the advert billboard. (Image)

- On Sinister, there is a section of wall in the RA room that does not register any hitmarks. This includes the upper floor, lower floor, and the stairs too. (Image)

- On Silence, there is a small gap between the grid-wall in the RA room. You can shoot through this gap. (Image)

- On Retribution, in the RL room, the pillars' "hitboxes" are way larger than they should be. (Image)

- On Dreadful Place, there is a clipping issue at one of the doorways between the LG and the YA. (Image)

Voting / Spectating / Readyup

- Show when server owner overrides a vote.

- Allow a spectator to call a vote if nobody else is on the server.

- Spectators cannot switch POVs during a timeout.

- Disable voting menu option if voting isn't available yet (first few seconds after map change).

- The ability to callvote fraglimit and timelimit.

- Allow Duel spectators to join the queue during the game-finished period.

- Perhaps certain votes should be allowed even if voting is disabled on a server (such as shuffle, or kick)

- In Duel, if you are readied up but your opponent then disconnects, it should auto-unready yourself. Currently if a new opponent connects and joins, you will still be ready.

- Ability to vote a map Abort / Restart

- On pro-spawned free servers, the unavailable maps should not appear in the vote menu.

- Instead of simply saying "X called a vote" in chat/console, it could specify what type of vote was called, for reference.

- Implement a queue system for spectators in team games. At present you need to manually keep track of the order in which players connect to determine who is first in line, and people skip in line.

- Sometimes when joining an empty server, you cannot call a vote through the UI because it says there is already a vote in progress. Using callvote in the console overrides this, so it's a UI issue.

- The Shuffle function can sometimes be very stubborn and maintain the exact same teams despite players repeatedly requesting a shuffle. Regardless of whether the system thinks this is the best shuffle, if the players repeatedly vote a shuffle, a shuffle should happen.

- When in queue on a Duel server, you are forced to re-join the queue after performing a vid_restart (potentially losing your position in the queue), because this prompts the server menu. Ideally a vid_restart should not prompt this menu.

- After attempting to vote a map during the period when voting isn't actually allowed, when trying to call the same vote again, even though the previously voted map still appears as selected on the map list, the actual map that is selected is the first one in the list (Aerowalk I believe).

- In Duel, players who want to be annoying by not readying up can still hit F3 and then join spectators during the countdown, rarely giving enough time to /callvote kick.

Gameplay / Rulesets / Server settings

- Give pro users the ability to spawn CTF servers with different overtime settings.

- Give pro users the ability to choose a MinimumSkillRating and MaximumSkillRating when spawning a server.

- Give pro users the ability to change CA round countdown length when spawning a server..

- Players can drop due to inactivity during mid-game timeouts / pauses.

- Add a server setting which auto-pauses the match if a player 999's for more than X seconds, and if possible preserve the game-state if the player actually times out so that the match can resume without any issues when they reconnect.

Front End / Browser / Website

- Implement the item and power-up pickups for match summaries.

- Show individual player's number of Humiliation awards for each match together with Excellent and Impressive awards.

- The friend list could benefit from a search function, alphabetical order by default, and possibly other filter options.

- Add a list of available QL streams, much like ESR's current stream box.

- Make sure "Featured Profile" only includes players that are actually worth mentioning, and not accounts with 0 matches played.

- A server's skill rating also appears to take into account players that are spectating, which can be confusing. It should probably take into account only players in-game and in-queue, or ideally show an individual skill rating icon next to each player's name.

- The server preview popup window should disappear if interacting with the Server filters.

- Implement an option to disable the browser chat beep.

- When looking at the Live Game Info for a duel by hovering over the server, it can sometimes give confusing feedback regarding who is actually playing and what the scores are, depending on whether any of your friends are in the server, and also depending on who is queued up to play and who is just spec. For example it will show a "0" score for someone who is queued up. It should show "SPEC (x)" with X being their position in the queue.

- With the current server browser default settings which hides certain servers that do not meet the criteria, many world regions will show very few or no available servers to play. Further info here.

- Allow a way to view messages from players who go offline before you are able to read them.

System / Server Issues

- Flood protection is causing several issues as described here.

- /devmap doesn't work anymore when you're already connected to a server (Gets stuck on "awaiting gamestate...").

- Fix server lag when a player connects to the server.

- Ignore timenudge settings on LAN servers.

- You have to restart the client when your IP changes.

- The QL engine classifies all CPUs superior or equivalent to Pentium III as a Pentium III. (Example).

- I've noticed that having Photoshop open in the background prevents me from bringing up the in-game menu in QL (both full screen and windowed mode). In other words, pressing ESC does nothing. I'm not sure what the exact cause of this, whether other people have detected the same issue, or even whether anything can be done about it on QL's end, but it's worth mentioning. (In this case, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Windows 8, Intel HD Graphics 4000).

- When leaving QL open in windowed mode and causing the QL window to lose focus (usually by alt+tabbing between other applications), sometimes the QL window just "greys out", forcing one to restart QL. Again, I'm not sure if there is anything that can be done about this on QL's end, but it's worth mentioning. (In this case, Windows 8, Intel HD Graphics 4000). (Example). Current workaround: User input still works, so you can "blindly" bring down the console and vid_restart to solve the issue.


- When accessing the Friend List menu from in-game, the intuitive thing to do is click the red button in the lower left corner to return to the match, however that button is located elsewhere and is less visible. Ideally the Friend List menu UI could be given a decent visual upgrade.

- Adapt the spectator HUD so that in Duel it shows both player's health and armor.

- When spectating team modes, show blue/red "markers" for each player, similar to the yellow triangles that appear for team-mates when you're playing in-game.

- Make .menu crosshairs compatible with cg_crosshairhitstyle

- Implement advanced weapon stats, similar to OSP +wstats (Example). Initially discussed here.


- Some sounds appear to have substantial delays, for example, the time between the moment a flag is captured to the time you hear the soundfile, or the time between getting the first frag in a Duel and hearing the "you have taken the lead" announcement can be of several seconds delay.

- Sounds that are emitted by a player can sometimes be heard on the teleport exit even though the trigger for the sound happened before the player entered the teleport. For example, on Blood Run you hear the lower YA armor pickup sound instead of the teleport sound (?) when the enemy exits the teleport. Possibly dependent on connection.

- Setting s_volume to values higher that 1 causes distortion issues.


- Show server host in the scoreboard itself

- The Premium scoreboard does not currently show how long a player has been connected to the server.

- In Duel, if two players have the same accuracy for a weapon, instead of greying both accuracies out on the scoreboard, it could highlight them both in white.

- Many times upon finishing a match, the pings in the scoreboard are not accurate at all. I'm not sure whether this is the average ping the player had over the duration of the match, or whether the server just gets lagged while processing the pings in the last frames of the match, but either way it should be a more accurate representation of each player's pings. If a player 999s for 5 seconds it's going to distort the average a lot.

- The end-of-game scoreboard should preserve all data regardless of whether players disconnect or not. Currently, when a player forfeits or disconnects, the three awards (most accurate, most damage, best item control) are all attributed to the next best player on the server. Also, in Duel it will replace the winner with a spectator if the winner quits, and sometimes the winner's player model will show the current enemymodel instead of the real model used by the winner. It would be quite useful to keep all 8 players names and stats visible on the scoreboard at the end of team games too.

- I'm not sure what the purpose of removing one frag from your score is if you forfeit a match is, but if it's a bug it should be fixed. Likewise, I don't see the point of -999 for quitting a match.


- New QL accounts should require e-mail validation. It looks like id software are convinced this isn't necessary so I would love to know the reasons behind this decision, just out of curiosity.

For Funsies

- "Harosh" killbeep