I just recently made this account to create this thread. I wanted to spark discussion; I wanted to see opinions. For those of you who haven't an idea of what we're supposed to discuss, let me introduce to you one of the first ever creations to grasp this concept: http://aim400kg.ru/en/ - Designed for competitive gamers in mind, we can see a series of games, each with their own specific purpose. These training tools serve to improve one, but what is possibly the most important aspect in FPS games: Aim. That's how you get frags, yes. Point-and-click. So very simple, yet so very difficult to master. Quite a wonderful thing.

But say, what's the first to have grasped this concept, you ask? I believe it's a game called Reflex, it's quite the ancient discovery. You can find it by searching "Reflex Intelore" in just about any search engine. If you deem this belief of mine wrong, feel free to make adjustments. I'd like to know of the actual origin, if such a thing exists.

Many misconceptions have been pounded into the minds of many a gamer, to speak of this specific topic. It's truly unfortunate, how these plebeians couldn't spare a single thought as to the possibility that does exist; that perhaps, these games DO actually improve our aim.

"ingaem sens diffurent frum window sens, gey" "fps gem r 3d, dis shet 2d, waw" "onley way 2 impruv eim = play reel gem like child online daycare (CoD)" "flash gems r gud onley 4 impruv flash gems"

Such blatant idiocy has been repeated just about everywhere, much to intellectual thought's dismay. I find it quite irritating that these mindless drones are incapable of making their own conclusions. Do not repeat what has been already said, if improved conclusions exist, so to say. If you cannot think for yourselves, please do the world a favour by not exposing your blatant incapability of thought procession; it might help to improve our intelligence standards by a tiny weeny bit.

To understand how these games work, you must first understand how aiming works. I wish not to delve deeper than this; I fear that this community and its inhabitants' brains might explode due to the sheer complexity of the text that does lie before their eyes; I am not that cruel.

So let us just summarize: Aiming is a coordinated movement that consists of the brain and our main instruments (the arms), cooperating in such a way that the main process is done to the furthermost extent of the individual's mental and physical capabilities.

Don't get confused, now. We're only getting started. With that simple summary, we only have so limited information. But we shall analyse: what are the factors that affect the aiming process? To know of every factor, I'd suppose one must have a very advanced understanding of how the human brain and body works. But even an illiterate fool like me can make this simple conclusion: it is not only muscle memory that comes into play. Some very stupid people seem to proudly hold this belief. IN-GEM SENS l0l0l0l0l

A user of these training tools told me that these games can accelerate the development of muscle memory. I'm too foolish to actually understand how this works, but it does seem like a good possibility. Perhaps it's because you practice the aiming movements that are incorporated into muscle memory? I don't really know. But if this is true, then maybe it could work more effectively if these training games had a fullscreen feature. That would make for more realistic progress.

So I'll end it at that. I'd like to hear what this community has to say. Oh, and please, try to put some thought in your posts. k thx bai


Three of the most popular choices. I'd say aimbooster is the best out of all of them. It has the customizability every serious gamer should be looking for. You can download it as well.

Professional players use these for a reason. Good reason.