So, what are the reason why you don't play this game ?

For me personally it's cause of the weapons. Yes, the fucking weapons.

Currently the warsow's weapon balance works decently and ONLY decently. But the main problem is that they are definitely too weak or "messy". I mean, RL reload time is too fast, rockets are too fast, but dmg is too low (75dmgs only for a direct hit, WTF?). The EB (electrobolt aka railgun) does 75dmg aswell... The LG is a bit too weak especially with the new octogonal hitboxes which are smaller.

When you come from a game like quakelive or CPM, you instantly notice that the warsow's weapons have some issues/flaws. Over the years it has been changed there and here, with micro adjustments there and here (like +5dmg for 1 weapon etc... lol). But the thing is, the current warsow's developers have no clue of what is a good weapons balance and what is a good weapons feeling.
I mean, look at QuakeWorld, the weapons in this game are very VERY strong, but the movements aswell. Look at CPM, the RL does 100dmg for a full hit and the rail does 80dmg with fast reload time. In both of these games, the feeling when you use a certain weapon is just... PERFECT.

On top of that, instead of making the weapons stronger, they added the stun (you get stunned when you get hit by a weapon and then you can't walljump anymore for a short period of time).
You don't need stun if the weapons are strong enough. You can't run away like a little butterfly if the weapons are strong enough and don't allow you to do so while you get hit.

Basically, I would play warsow if the weapons were the exact copy of CPM weapons. Or maybe almost the exact copy just maybe a little stronger (like a bit more knockback etc).
Warsow could satisfy the CPM players that are left (so yeah, 17 of them :DDDD) and even some quakelive players if it had better weapons balance and feeling.