No, it's not SK Planet Proleague just adding an event, it's the first ever Brood War Proleague finals after the switch back in 2012, starting today at 07:00 CDT. Sponsored by SBENU and Sonic, the Proleague features all of your favorite teams, from Jaedong Hwaseung Oz to MBC Game. Keep in mind that this is just a form of pre-season and that the actual SBEN Proleague season has yet to start.

I'm pretty sure that you're wondering why do the teams have old names? Well, Sonic made sure that old teammates are gathered under same banner as they have been during Brood War. Unfortunately, the sponsors haven't returned along with the players, so that means KT, STX, etc are not actually sponsoring the teams. The two teams that have qualified to finals are MBC Game and STX Soul and are both filled with good players, so tune in and enjoy the games!

Streams: United Kingdom Sayle, Korea (Republic of) Sonic & Kim Carrier