I like the new update and smoothnes with 200+ fps. I was really upset when I couldnt run Quake. Thnx to syncerror for fast help! At 1st I thought that community will help me. But what I got from the community were only negative comments. About the update. As every new update or a new game have problems. I believe / hope that QL will have features as QLprism had. There is a lot of negative energy which dismotivates them to do anything for the communty. So please stop! I just hope you guys will be patient and wait for a new update which will be soon as they fixand test everything! Don't think they will release another update without proper test in dev team. So be patient and dont be so rude. Their job is not that easy as it seems to be. From web page to stand alone client was a huge step! This might take a while to resolve everything.