In case you missed the Q3/QL level design competition judging, the winners have been announced:
1st: aty3dm9 by Anthony "Kaustic" Tullo
2nd: zen by Chad "Despair" Younger
3rd: jvr3ctf1 by Andrey "jov@r" Emelin
4th/5th: sanctorium by Maxime "ShaZe" and spenctf1 by Alexander "spenzer" Caßens
6th: dmrtourney2 by Artem "DOOMer" Galichkin
7th/8th: smktourney1 by Be "Smiker" Perez and fracked by Insane Kid

Huge thanks again to Wacom, Sapphire, Massacre Servers, and Hipshot (mapper for HammerWatch, a new Steam game) for donating awesome prizes. Also a gigantic thank you goes out to the judges: NineX, Nzr0, ddk, Anthem, Shadow, and cityy. Without these guys donating their time this never would have wrapped up.

The map pack is downloadable now and there are screenshots! (some are included in the judging thread) as well.

NOTE: "spenctf1" and "Zen" are QL maps and will not load in Q3. "sanctorium" runs in both Q3 and QL; just make sure to use the correct PK3 file with the correct game.