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power_of_heavy_metal (MrHollyDriv3r) delivers every record from the past DFWC's in one relaxing video.

DFWC is Defrag World Championship, a time trial Q3A mod where you use rocket jumping, grenade jumping, plasma climbing, strafe jumping etc. Trying to get the quickest time possible. Each map is shown twice in the movie because there are 2 different movement types, CPM (Challenge ProMode) and VQ3 (Vanilla Q3), both with their own unique styles. You're able to participate in both movements types on DFWC so thats why you may see two maps with the same person.

Some of the records in this movie are from the DFWC itself and some are demos submitted years after the DFWC had finished.

Here is MrHollyDriv3r's channel, a lot of epic defrag runs can be found on here as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrHollyDriv3r